Ncam goes for Gold SVG Europe sponsorship

Ncam, creator of Ncam Reality, an advanced real-time camera tracker, has renewed its Gold sponsorship of SVG Europe.

Ncam Reality is used throughout the broadcast and live events industries to visualise photorealistic graphics in real time. Ncam offers a complete and customisable augmented reality platform. At its core is a unique camera tracking solution that uses a lightweight sensor bar attached to a camera to track natural features in the environment, allowing the camera to move freely in all locations while generating a continuous stream of precise positional and rotational information that can feed all industry standard graphics engines via Ncam’s Software Development Kit (SDK).

Last year saw the company unveil new Unreal Engine 5 (UE5) support for its AR Suite plug-in, automating essential processes for teams creating professional virtual graphics and in-camera VFX. Introduced in 2020, AR Suite provides an automated bridge that connects real-time tracking data to Unreal Engine, so film, TV and broadcast companies can deliver photorealistic virtual productions, AR content and more in the most seamless way possible. Production-proven, AR Suite has already been used on high-profile projects for Amazon, Warner Bros. and more.

Ncam products have also been used on major sporting events worldwide, including the UEFA Champions League (BT Sport), NFC Championship Game (Fox Sports), Monday Night Football (ESPN), Super Bowl XLVIII (Fox Sports), and Daytona (Fox Sports).

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