Ncam on track for success as it renews SVG Europe Gold sponsorship

Ncam, a creator of advanced real-time tracking technology for broadcast and live events, is staying focused on the sports broadcast industry by renewing its SVG Europe Gold sponsorship.

Mike Ruddell, global director of business development at Ncam, said: “Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, advances in production technologies have been rapidly accelerating decentralised and virtual production workflows. The conversations driven by SVG help keep us up to speed on the latest customer needs, so we can respond quickly and remain at the forefront of tracking technologies.

“The technology and production techniques used across broadcast and other verticals are starting to converge in a big way, allowing us to cross-pollinate ideas between industries that have traditionally been kept separate, and we see great potential for growth in these areas.”

Ncam technology helps productions stay ahead of the curve by letting them visualise live AR/MR/XR, real-time environments, set extensions and CGI elements directly in-camera. The design of the company’s latest product, the Mk2, was directly influenced by conversations with other SVG members around the challenges they face.

Recent showcases for Ncam technologies include Super Bowl LV, Formula E Racing and more. In the coming year, Ncam will continue to drive the market for real-time tracking technologies with a number of exciting new releases aimed at making the tech faster, simpler and more accessible.

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