NEP UK acquires 14 TSL SDI monitoring units for new OB truck

TSL Products has announced that NEP UK has become the first company to purchase the recently-announced MPA1 Solo SDI monitoring product. NEP UK is currently installing 14 MPA1 Solo SDI units in a brand-new OB truck that is intended to cover sporting events.

Currently under construction, the new NEP HD truck is a state-of-the-art triple expanding vehicle, with 24 cameras, eight EVS playback servers and 14 positions for VT operators, radio camera control operators and the client’s technical manager.

The MPA1 Solo SDI units will provide NEP’s operators with an intuitive yet flexible audio monitoring tool that will enable them to view all 16 embedded channels simultaneously while allowing any channel to be selected for monitoring.

“We have been TSL customers for years and many of our trucks are standardized on the TSL PAM2 units for the engineering monitoring positions, while our fly packs come with the MPA1 MADI, Dante and SDI monitors,” said Paul Fournier, head of audio at NEP UK.

“When we started designing our newest OB truck, we were looking for the smallest form audio monitoring unit we could find, that would be flexible and easy to use for our VT operators, and the new MPA1 Solo SDI was just the ticket, ” added Fournier.

Using the MPA1 Solo SDI’s built-in web server, NEP’s operators will be able to manage the channel names and system parameters remotely over an Ethernet network. They will be able to view audio levels, signal status and format via a user-friendly web GUI (graphics user interface).

“We particularly like the ‘scroll to hear’ feature to quickly monitor any of the visible 16 channels, and the ability to see a video source to quickly identify you are monitoring the correct source will be a great help. And of course, the internal PSU also makes for a neater build, which is always important when space is at a premium,” added Fournier.

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