’s Prompter V2 brings social media straight to talent

Sports anchors and reporters who want to have tighter integration with social media will now have it courtesy of’s major upgrade to its Prompter app. Prompter V2 allows presenters not just to receive and view real-time social media content while on the air, but to publish it as well — thereby further strengthening viewership and increasing the broadcaster’s potential for revenue.

“The on-air talent is on the front line of interaction with the audience, and that position carries with it enormous potential for increasing viewer engagement and influencing the direction of a broadcast,” says Zachary Weiner, director of global marketing. “This new version of Prompter gives the people in front of the camera a more robust arsenal of tools for journalistic storytelling.”

Prompter gives on-air talent a way to view real-time social media comments from their viewers and fans, and incorporate that input into their programs. Incoming comments such as tweets and polling results are pushed directly into Prompter on a presenter’s iPad. From there, Prompter V2 enables presenters to publish that social commentary themselves while on the air to home audiences in real time, as opposed to sending the comments through the editorial and production departments for publishing. Besides instant interaction with the audience the benefit is a greater social call to participate and greater levels of engagement with social and broadcast content.

Prompter is an additional option to’s Interactivity Suite, a platform that supports true participation TV by enabling viewers to influence a broadcast in real time, and by allowing them to interact with one another and the rest of the world. With IS, a broadcaster can effortlessly aggregate user-generated content from social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook into programming, and build synchronized companion apps that enable viewers to interact with their televisions using an iPad (or tablet), PC, or smartphone.

Because Prompter is powered by the Interactivity Suite (IS), feeds and comments are filtered automatically or manually, so that the presenter only sees the best content. Prompter’s gesture-based navigation and simplistic interface make it easy to use, eliminating the possibility of confusion or added complexity for the on-air presenters. will debut Prompter V2 at IBC2012 on stand 7.A06.


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