NewTek exploding live IP video production ‘myths’ in new downloadable guide

Most commentators will tell you that live multi-camera video is the future of production. The benefits are clear and compelling. But, at the same time, there are those who continue to claim that IP isn’t quite ‘ready’ for various reasons.

According to NewTek, ‘most of these excuses simply don’t hold water. They’re myths. Unfortunately, they’re myths that could be holding your operation back.’

To help explode these myths the company has produced a new guide, The 7 Myths of Live IP Video Production, tackling such claims as:

Myth #1: IP means goodbye SDI and wasted investment — no it doesn’t, simply go hybrid and get the best of both worlds;

Myth #5: Compression will damage image quality — actually, today’s compression is barely noticeable to even the most critical viewer;

Myth #7: Training staff will take a long time — not as long as you think, you’ll be surprised how familiar you are with the technology.

The guide is free of charge and can be downloaded via the link above.

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