Nexidia announces Nexidia Dialogue Search

Nexidia Dialogue Search is a new tool from Nexidia designed to search for any spoken word or phrase across workgroups or massive media libraries in seconds. With Dialogue Search, media organisations can make better use of their media libraries by easily, precisely and quickly finding unique assets without being overwhelmed by irrelevant results.

This new tool enables content creators to be more efficient and creative, content owners to monetise their asset libraries, and content consumers to find media they want or otherwise might not find at all.

Dialogue Search integrates directly with media asset management (MAM) systems and editing applications, and no training is required. Users simply type any combination of words or phrases into the Dialogue Search interface, and it will quickly find any media clip in the system where those words or phrases are spoken. Users can preview results in a video player without having to scroll through numerous clips to find a specific sound bite.

“Most digital data is unstructured and therefore can be difficult to find when you need it, and transcription, caption-based searches, and speech-to-text searches all have significant drawbacks because of cost, accuracy, and latency,” says Drew Lanham, senior vice president and general manager of Nexidia’s Media and Entertainment division. “Dialogue Search, on the other hand, provides the richest, most relevant results at a fraction of the cost and time it takes for the other methods. It’s akin to Google for audio, where users enter keywords and phrases that locate the specific media and allow them to take action.”

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