Nordic Summit 2020: World Rally Champs to talk snow, ice, speed and remote production

Capturing the action for WRC

FIA World Rally Championship (WRC) is set to talk about the challenges of televising its extreme events, from those held in Scandinavia to those further afield, alongside its technology partner, NEP at SVG Europe’s Nordic Summit in Bergan, Norway, on 12 March.

From FIA World Rally we have Jared Grelet, communications manager at WRC Promoter, speaking alongside Marko Viitanen, managing director at NEP Finland, WRC TV director, and one of the WRC All Live brains, speaking on the session titled ‘Wheels of Glory: How World Rally Championship Gets Grip’.

The pair will be on stage discussing the WRC rallies held in Scandinavia – Sweden and Finland – which are amongst two of the toughest the organisation holds annually, the challenges in broadcasting live from there, as well as how WRC with NEP is has already and is planning to evolve its remote productions further.

A key focus in the session will be WRC+ All Live, a subscription-based OTT model for live footage of each rally throughout the season, which now adds to WRC+, the WRC OTT platform.

As with all SVG Europe events, Nordic Summit 2020 will also feature a host of networking opportunities, before, during and after the event including a pre-conference Early Bird networking reception in the Media Lab at Media City on the evening of Wednesday 11 March.

Last year’s Nordic Summit attracted more than 200 delegates from across the Nordics and Northern Europe.

The 2020 event will be hosted by TV 2 Norway sports anchor Simon Nitsche.

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