On-Set Live! embraces 3D workflow for dailies

Colourfront has launched On-Set Live! at IBC. Based on the On-Set Dailies (OSD) digital dailies system, On-Set Live! provides real-time dual-stream processing for look management, and advanced colour grading. Using live correction and analysis of streams from stereo camera rigs, On-Set Live! is claimed to deliver breakthrough cost- and time-savings on the set of 3D movie and television productions.

On-Set Live! offers dual-channel HD-SDI video inputs and outputs for 2D, stereo 3D, or two-camera 2D capture, with 3D LUT support, colour space conversion, and calibration. All the features of On-Set Dailies are available in On-Set Live!, including Colourfront’s acclaimed colour science for all major digital cameras, printer lights, ASC CDL, and advanced colour grading; high-quality resizing and DVEs; and real-time burn-in of various metadata, timecodes, and logos. Built-in histogram and waveform monitoring allow accurate visualization of shots on location while providing confidence and maintaining control over the look of each shot — from on-set, through dailies, to final post.

With the advanced stereo feature set for live 3D analysis and processing, optimization of stereo parameters and camera settings give On-Set Live! users cost-effective tools to work much more efficiently when aligning stereo cameras, setting up shots, and colour-correcting between left and right images.

“Stereo production for 3D is much more costly on set because the setup for each shot is more complex and can take a comparatively long time, leaving much of the crew and the cast waiting for the action to start,” said Aron Jaszberenyi, managing director of Colourfront. “With On-Set Live!, stereo productions can run at the same pace as 2D shoots, ensuring that images leave the set properly aligned and corrected, and saving the studio a lot of time and budget in the process.”

On-Set Live! is fully compatible with Colourfront’s On-Set Dailies for two-way integration between live shooting and dailies processing. On-Set Live! also shares OSD’s industry-leading compatibility with a wide range of cameras and colour pipeline workflows, including support for IIF ACES, ARRI look files, and ASC CDL for outstanding versatility in operation.

On-Set Live! was developed by the team that won the 2010 Scientific and Engineering Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for the Autodesk Lustre grading system. Colourfront’s On-Set Dailies offers an all-embracing approach to digital dailies workflow, integrating all the necessary tools — including playback and sync, QC, colour grading, and audio and metadata management — with state-of-the-art colour and image science, and generates simultaneous faster-than-real-time deliverables in all common file formats.


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