ONE TV’s MotoGP coverage assisted by RTS intercom technology

RTS MotoGP_1The Italian broadcast specialist ONE TV is relying on RTS intercoms to support its MotoGP coverage for Sky Italia, including an ADAM-M mid-size modular intercom matrix, color display keypanels and microphones. ONE TV has already secured a further assignment for three races of the Superbike World Championship.

The Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix is the premier championship of motorcycle road racing worldwide. Among the three racing classes, MotoGP is the highest and most prestigious. In 2014, Sky Italia launched a dedicated MotoGP channel, which airs all events live from Thursday through to Sunday evening.

Providing the feed from the race sites to Sky Italia for the next five seasons will be the responsibility of the Italian broadcast specialist ONE TV. “Live productions are always challenging, as you only have one shot at getting everything right,” says Rosario Castaldi, senior account manager at ONE TV. “For the MotoGP, we also need to bear in mind that our whole system has to fit inside two flightcases.” The tight schedule of the MotoGP calendar poses a further challenge: “Some months, races are held on consecutive weekends. The scant time available for setting up and breaking down the system is therefore an extremely important factor.”

“The basis for our work is communication,” says Castaldi. “Without being able to speak to one another, we would be unable to implement productions successfully.”

RTS MotoGP_2To assure efficient communications, ONE TV brought in Professional Show, RTS partner and Italy’s largest system integrator. Together they devised a communication system built upon RTS equipment. An RTS ADAM-M mid-size modular intercom matrix – equipped with MADI (Multi Channel Audio Digital Interface), Voice-Over-IP-enabling RVON (RTS voice over network) and analog cards – constitutes the heart of the system deployed each weekend. These are connected to a total of ten KP 32 CLD and KP 12 CLD color display keypanels along with three DKP 16 CLD keypanels and an EKP32CLD expansion keypanel. RTS gooseneck microphones complete the mobile installation.

“The intercom equipment from RTS is highly flexible and delivers first-class performance – qualities essential for any live production,” explains Castaldi. “What we especially appreciate during the MotoGP is the fact that the system is easy and quick to set up. With MADI on board, we can integrate the system into the audio networks on site using standard cabling. The RVON system additionally allows us to become an extension of the Sky Italia system through trunking.”

The performance of the systems has been so outstanding that ONE TV is set to make broader use of them. ONE TV is currently developing another flyaway system. The mobile production room will include 24 cameras and all the equipment needed for the host broadcast production of the three Superbike races outside Europe.

Rosario Castaldi concludes: “In view of the fantastic experience we have had with RTS, it’s obvious that RTS equipment will be onboard.”

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