Peter Angell and Murray Barnett launch sport OTT consultancy

Sports organisations big and small are working hard to figure out an effective OTT strategy that helps not only maximise the value of their property and rights but also meet consumer expectations that, increasingly, are more demanding every day.

A new fully independent OTT consulting firm, called D2C Sport, launched by former Peter Angell, former Lagardère Sports, IEC in Sports, and HBS executive (and SVG Europe chairman) and Murray Barnett, former F1, World Rugby, and ESPN executive is looking to help in those efforts.

Former SVG Europe Chairman Peter Angell and Murray Barnett have launched a new OTT consultancy.

“Everybody is looking at OTT as a part of a direct-to-consumer strategy,” says Angell. “OTT is the door everybody walks through but then you can sell tickets, licensed products and then you know their consumption habits and preferences.”

Opening that OTT door to a world of direct to consumer, however, fundamentally changes not only the relationship with fans but creates a ripple effect within an organisation. How does it change the role of the marketing department? How does it change the relationship with existing rights holders and distribution partners? How are financial transactions and fulfilment done properly? How does it change the content creation and programming strategy? And how can all those areas move forward efficiently, collectively, and correctly without causing internal disruption?

“In OTT the only place for rightsholders to go and find out about the issues is either from technology vendors or service providers whose ultimate aim is to sell somebody something,” says Angell. “Or they need to go to the big strategy companies that don’t have real-world experience of actually building and delivering sport.”

Murray Barnett’s experience at F1, World Rugby, and ESPN gives him a wide perspective on OTT services.

Angell says the backgrounds he and Barnett have provides them a unique opportunity given the current landscape. Angell spent 12 years at HBS as director of the production and programming division before joining IEC in Sports as COO and eventually becoming SVP, Global Media Production for Lagardère Sports.

Barnett’s previous roles include Head of Sponsorship & Commercial Partnerships at F1, Chief Commercial Officer at World Rugby (covering Media, Sponsorship, Licencing and Hospitality) and Vice President at ESPN (EMEA TV Channel Sales & Global Programme Syndication).

A big part of that is continuing to build relationships with stakeholders across the ecosystem, whether it is private equity investors, technology providers, or service solutions.

“We want to give the best advice we can and make the best recommendation we can, based on everything that we see around us, including where the technology is now and where it is heading,” says Angell.

The organisations Angell and Barnett have worked at gave them both a solid understanding of how some of the biggest sports organisations on the planet manage their brands, approach production, and look to build meaningful connections with fans. And those lessons can also be applied to smaller federations and organisations.

“There are all levels of fans who want to engage with live programming, archive programming, or exclusive stuff,” says Angell. “And with DTC it’s about getting the fan to subscribe and then getting to understand what they’re interested in and being able to serve them and invest in the things they want.”

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