PION introduces LiveScene to optimise live TV pictures

PION, the inventor of a new product category for Live Camera Enhancement (LCE), has launched its first product. PION LiveScene is a real-time, GPU-based image processing system that is said to significantly enhance the picture quality of live broadcast television, addressing common broadcast camera limitations.

Aimed at OB and studio production environments for live sports, live news and live entertainment applications, LiveScene sets a new standard for live broadcast picture quality. The system takes the live uncompressed feed from broadcast cameras, or an inbound compressed stream from live ENG or event coverage, and enhances it in real-time to overcome common live production challenges caused by adverse conditions – such as lack of highlight and shadow detail, noise, and poor colour or contrast. The solution significantly enhances the final picture quality of live television and improves the consumer’s viewing experience.

The compact, energy-efficient system, consisting of a single rack and an easy-to-use control panel, fits seamlessly into an existing OB or studio-based infrastructure, and can drastically enhance the work and profile of the camera control unit (CCU) operator or studio technician. LiveScene is also useful in situations where popular mid-range and high-definition action cameras are used in a broadcast environment. Image quality from these devices can be starkly enhanced, making them suitable for a far wider range of professional imaging applications.

Kenneth Tang Laerke, CEO of PION, says: “We’re the first company to bring a solution to market which addresses the image quality limitations of live television broadcasts. Today’s consumer is much more discerning. They expect their live viewing experience to perfectly reflect the in-venue or on-location experience. Sports federations, events rightsowners and broadcasters are striving to protect and enhance the value of their content – to retain and attract viewers and maintain and boost advertising revenues.”

Michael Jonsson, CTO of PION, adds: “With the advent of ultra-high definition (4K) acquisition, which further accentuates common picture quality issues, we believe our Live Camera Enhancement (LCE) and upcoming colour correction solution is perfectly placed to address the quality issues that capturing and processing live 4K and beyond will bring to a production.”

LiveScene is available now and can be purchased directly from PION.

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