Power of NewTek, NDI and Vizrt underpins IP-based software-designed storytelling

400 million desktops have Skype for Content Creators with NDI integrated

Vizrt has contacted SVG Europe in relation to the current COVID-19 pandemic, with the message that its leadership position in visual storytelling can help broadcasters, media producers and other organisations build a better-informed world for their audiences at this most difficult time.

The Vizrt message says, “We recognise that our customers, whether they are tier 1 broadcasters, media owners, sports federations and clubs, corporations, houses of worship, etc., all serve their audiences to keep them informed and up to date as current events are impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak.

“People in these audiences rely on the story being told effectively so they can make informed decisions during these turbulent times.

“Our role as the Vizrt Group, the industry leader in live video production solutions, is ensuring that we do all we can to support our customers as they carry out the vital work of keeping their audiences informed. This is one way we seek to deliver on our vision — helping to build a better-informed world.”

Is there a way your company’s technology or services can specifically help sports media organisations and their workers to continue to produce content in more remote and collaborative ways at this time?

“IP-based, software-defined visual storytelling can help our customers mitigate some of the effects of the outbreak on their business. Vizrt Group, inclusive of NewTek, NDI, and Vizrt, are uniquely placed to help our customers adapt to the new normal.

“Here are some specifics of how our tools can help with remote productions and reduced on-site staff.

  • Many of our customers work within ad-supported business models. Vizrt Sports is helping broadcasters to monetize their archived games and matches by implementing various virtual advertising insertion strategies which meet sponsorship demands today.
  • Broadcasters are creating new narratives on past glories by tapping into their historical archive. For example, we’re seeing more and more of our clients using Viz Libero, our sports analysis solution that combines 3D virtual enhancements with telestration tools, to analyse the legendary athletes and the greatest plays of the past now that the play of the day highlight show is temporarily sidelined by COVID-19.
  • NDI is an enabler for using the mobile phone as a source, so you can get content from where the sports story is, without bringing large amounts of staff and equipment on site.
  • NDI is an enabler for remote production, meaning sports broadcasters can isolate where the studio or coverage is from where the production is happening – this means big parts of your crew don’t need to be placed at risk close to the zones of the virus.
  • Viz Story enables quick turnaround of edited content without having to be on site, or in the production center. This means a journalist could be at home and work/edit videos.
  • Hundreds of millions of people have Skype on their phone. For NewTek TriCaster sports customers, TriCaster is already integrated with SkypeTX, so that remote sources can be produced live, from Skype-enabled phones.
  • 400 million desktops have Skype for Content Creators with NDI integrated, so remotely produced content can be easily shared.”

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