Powerhouse PRG delivers remote production of live eSports feed with TVU Anywhere

TVU Networks delivered the eSports ‘mash up’ tournament for PRG with TVU Anywhere and TVU streaming technology to stream players’ live participation from their home countries

TVU Networks, a provider of live IP video and remote production solutions, recently worked with PRG Germany, an international provider of event production services, on the remote production of an eSports tournament.

PRG needed technological assistance to live stream an eSports competition on Twitch. The event, called the ‘mash-up’, divided 100 players into 25 teams of four members each. There were 25 players who joined the competition directly from the PRG production studio at Cinegate Cologne in Germany. The rest of the participants played from their home countries, and PRG used TVU Anywhere and TVU streaming technology to stream those players’ live participation.

PRG wanted to ensure that when filming so many participants in different locations, they could keep the latency as low as 0.5 seconds at all times. This was key to build and maintain real time emotional connections between players, the teams, and the Twitch viewers. The final results were live streamed on Amar’s channel on Twitch, with peak viewership reaching thousands of viewers

“In Sports, the live streaming quality is always critical, and having soccer professionals accessing the team competition remotely from the venue made it a real challenge,” said Jörn Kubiak, CEO at PRG Germany. “We had to integrate their live feeds with the other athletes on site, and stream it to Twitch while keeping latency to a minimum.”

TVU Networks presented a solution, TVU Anywhere, empowering PRG to remotely control live streams from the studio in Germany. TVU Anywhere is a smartphone app that aggregates cellular data, with H.265 encoding capabilities and patented IS+ transmission algorithm. Easy to use, it allows anyone to transmit high quality live video footage to broadcasters and TV studios, securing high and constant bandwidth even with a standard home internet connection.

“We were thrilled PRG chose TVU Networks to achieve such low latency and host a truly memorable eSports tournament for players and viewers worldwide,” commented David Jorba, EVP and European managing director at TVU Networks. “It’s our mission to increase the quality of live video while stripping out complexity and reducing cost for our broadcasts, digital media and live event production partners.”

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