QTV Sports using Streamstar solutions for innovative streaming services

Capturing rugby with QTV Sports' new Streamstar-based infrastructure

Capturing rugby with QTV Sports’ new Streamstar-based infrastructure

The UK-based sports live streaming and digital content strategy provider is delivering a wealth of high quality video coverage using a multi-camera set-up and live streaming solutions from Streamstar.

Working across platforms, QTV Sports has in the past two years alone streamed 1,700 hours of sports events for more than a dozen national governing bodies and international federations, achieving audiences of over three million viewers in 160 countries. It has also secured the rights to broadcast some of the most followed sports around the world, including tournaments hosted by the ICC and British Tennis. Match highlights, interviews, and behind-the-scenes features via real-time social media clips are all part of the QTV offering.

Jack McGill, CEO of QTV Sports, comments: “From day one, it was vital for us to employ an efficient and cost-effective system to achieve seamless remote productions to meet the demands of delivering live sports content to hundreds of thousands of sports fans. After considering various options from other manufacturers, we chose Streamstar’s innovative streaming solutions because of their versatility and ease-of-use. We felt that this would give our viewers unrivalled access to an extensive range of sports content in real-time.”

Explaining the need for cost efficiency, McGill adds: “With avid fans demanding anytime, anywhere content, the call for streaming live sports events of any disciplinary has snowballed. Therefore it was essential for us to implement a remote production solution that would stand the test of time and remain a long-term investment. We were looking to develop a more cost effective live sports production model for our clients. The team had been following Streamstar’s progress. After some experimentation with other providers, we proudly became the first UK-based operator of Streamstar’s groundbreaking live streaming infrastructure.”

Streaming specification

From Streamstar, the Webcast Touch Pro allows for full HD 1080p streaming through a professional 23″ touchscreen multi-camera streaming production switcher with additional HD-SDI output and instant media playout. The high performance switcher also has five sets of Streamstar’s Webcast tally and intercom, and four unique instant replays and slow-motion, giving operators full control over every aspect of content output.

Another key product of the workflow allowing QTV Sports to provide effortless, yet professional streaming to their customers is Streamstar’s Webcast Case. The size of a briefcase, these multifunctional units deliver built-in replays, slow motion and comprehensive media playlists. This places complete, touch-screen control of the content output into the operator’s hands for instant results, a functionality that could only previously be applied at a later stage from the control room or edit suite.

“The curation of content is as key to any live streaming business as the live production itself. Since we implemented Streamstar’s innovative technology, we’re working with international sports across the world to raise their profile and improve fan engagement. We’re also helping our customers understand the potential of digital media, particularly YouTube channels, through analytics and real-time results, and educating them on using this data effectively to help them grow a loyal online audience,” adds McGill.

The new set-up has already brought significant benefits, he adds: “Recently at a four-day sports event, a TV broadcaster covering the same schedule brought in three OB trucks and an extensive crew. However, with Streamstar’s mobile workflow, we were able to cover the same event with only one fewer camera and a small, unobtrusive set up across two trestle tables, demonstrating the versatility and quality of Streamstar’s systems.”

For sports producers – by sports producers

When considering options for a new live streaming infrastructure, QTV Sports wanted to provide its clients with an all-encompassing solution that didn’t just cover a single match or individual element of a sports competition, but offered a platform for them to build loyal fan engagement to ultimately drive new revenue streams for rights’ holders.

“We’ve discovered a solution for sports producers made by sports producers,” says McGill. “With Streamstar we’ve continued to identify practical feedback, changes and improvements from our experiences on the frontline and the team has listened to us and integrated updates into newer models. We’ve just purchased another Webcast Case due to its competitive price point, and because this new model gives us added versatility, meaning we can continue to produce exceptionally high-quality multi-camera broadcasts that exceed the expectations of all of our clients. In 2015 we’re looking at expanding our portfolio of content within various cricket, rugby, football and netball leagues, and with constant understanding and support from the Streamstar team, we’re proud to be producing quality content with the most advanced live production tools on the market. We hope to continue this valuable partnership with Streamstar.”

Rado Toth, chief executive officer of Streamstar, adds: “At Streamstar we’re delighted to be working with such a forward-thinking company like QTV Sports. They’re bringing exceptionally high-quality multi-camera content to sports fans with our unique technology, allowing fans to view quality streaming productions of their favourite sports. With coverage of a multitude of different disciplinaries, every match or event throws QTV Sports its own unique challenge, and our set-up is flexible and robust enough to ensure that the production team can broadcast the action as it happens and retain and grown a loyal fan base.”

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