Quantel’s Pablo Rio System Elevates to Real-time 4K With AJA

Quantel’s theme for this year’s NAB Show is a simple one: “Make it great.”

To help customers do just that with their content, the company is making a full dive into 4K technologies.

Quantel’s Pablo Rio color and finishing system now supports the AJA Corvid Ultra video card, facilitating 4K workflows at 60 fps and beyond. According to Quantel, it’s the first time the company has offered interoperability with any third-party video card.

“It’s not all about our vision,” says Ray Cross, CEO of Quantel. “If it was our vision, perhaps we wouldn’t be as successful. We have strategic relationships with ESPN, the BCC, Rogers, and so on, and that’s what makes Quantel different. When we’re building things and innovating, we’re doing that alongside our customers.”

The AJA Corvid Ultra is being offered by Quantel as an option in Pablo Rio turnkey systems and is available from AJA resellers for software-only versions where customers configure their own system.

The Corvid Ultra is a professional solution that provides broadcast-standard connectors on a rack-mounted breakout box. The Corvid Ultra card enables Pablo Rio to deliver real-time 4K video output to 3840×2160 (quad HD), 4096×2160, 3D, 2K, and more and is the only solution available today capable of supporting 4K at 60 fps.

Support for AJA Corvid Ultra is expected to be available in V2.0 rev2 software later this month.

On Sunday, Quantel also announced that Pablo Rio will support the latest NVIDIA Kepler architecture-based Tesla K20 GPU accelerators. Tesla K20 GPUs provide about twice the performance of the previous-generation Tesla GPUs based on the NVIDIA Fermi architecture and 10 times faster performance than the latest CPUs. This will make working at 4K at 60 fps a simpler, smoother process for users.

The Tesla K20 GPU accelerators are being offered by Quantel as standard on new Pablo Rio turnkey systems as well as being supported in software-only versions where customers configure their own systems. In addition, existing systems can upgrade to a Tesla K20 accelerator at any time according to their business needs.

NVIDIA Tesla K20 support will also be fully available later this month.

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