RAI uses Riedel fiber network for Giro D’Italia coverage

Italian broadcaster RAI used Riedel MediorNet and RockNet networks to enable real-time distribution of audio, video, and communications signals throughout its coverage of the 2013 Giro D’Italia cycling race. During the 96th Giro D’Italia, the Riedel gear provided host broadcaster RAI with a flexible fiber network linking the announce booth, finish line and remote production areas.

The tour moved to a new city along the race route every day. RAI engineers started early in the morning, rigging and testing the fiber network, and then spent the day supporting production of the actual broadcast event. In the evening, they took down the network and moved their OB vans on to the next city to prepare for the next race stage.

During each race day, the RAI team produced coverage from multiple sites situated up to five kilometres from one another. A fully redundant set-up comprising 10 MediorNet Modular frames and five MediorNet Compact frames ensured reliable signal transport between the day’s broadcast booth, finish line, and a separate TV compound in which the RAI OB vans supported production. A Riedel RockNet real-time audio network enabled reliable audio signal transport throughout the TV compound.

This year’s Giro D’Italia has already been the subject of extensive coverage on SVG Europe, which can be accessed here and here.

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