Rio Perspectives: Fujifilm ensures broadcasters enjoy life through a lens

Fujinon lenses: engineers will be on hand in Rio to deal with any problems and to clean lenses

Fujinon lenses: engineers will be on hand in Rio to deal with any problems and to clean lenses

In order to provide its customers with a high level of support during the Olympics, the Optical Devices Division of Fujifilm has mounted an exercise which involves a team of lens service engineers on-site in Rio. “We will have a total of five lens engineers from the United States, Europe and Japan in Rio at different times during the games,” explains Gordon Tubbs, vice president, Fujifilm Optical Devices Division. “There will always be at least three engineers there at any one time. We will also have our sales manager from Fujifilm Brazil acting as a coordinator during the Games to support all of our worldwide customers no matter where the lens was originally purchased.”

Tubbs says that the team will provide on-site repairs or cleaning at any of the venues to the extent possible based on the severity of the issue. “We will be able to provide support starting from external cleaning and basic adjustments through most optical or electronic issues. In the case of severe damage to a lens, we will make every effort to repair the lens, if possible. If needed, we will also have back-up lenses to be loaned out when available as we work on our customers’ lens.”

He continues: “We also have an off-site service facility at our service agent in Rio de Janiero known as ‘Camera 2’ for more in depth repairs as needed. Camera 2 is a well-known broadcast rental and production facility in Rio. We will provide service support for all of the HD, UHD and even 8K lenses that will be in Rio.”

Free movement

All of the lens engineers and coordinator are fully accredited and can move freely between any of the venues, the IBC and Camera 2. “We can also make arrangements with any customer to meet them at Camera 2 or anywhere else they would like. We can be reached by either of the Mobile Cell Phone numbers already given out or by a special e-mail address [email protected].”

Although the support staff will not be offering equipment for sale directly during the Games, they will be working with dealers and the camera manufacturers in Brazil where Fujinon lenses can be purchased.

Building on the past

Gordon Tubbs, vice-president, Fujifilm Optical Devices Division

Gordon Tubbs, vice-president, Fujifilm Optical Devices Division

The provision in Rio follows on from the success of a similar service during the World Cup in Brazil. “Due to the very high quality of the lenses, it is rare to have a failure during the period of the World Cup or the Olympic Games, but knowing the support is there gives a great deal of confidence in our products. One of the most requested services at the World Cup was simple, but very important – we would be asked to clean the glass on the lenses. We are experts at cleaning glass and can make the images look fantastic.”

He adds that another common question would come from customers possibly using single large sensor cameras for the first time and wanting to know how the depth of field varies from broadcast camera lenses, or why the zoom ratios are much smaller on the single sensor cine lenses than they are on the broadcast lenses. “We are happy to answer any questions that the customers bring to us!”

Tubbs concludes: “We are very pleased to be able to give back to our industry and our customers at major events such as these games. The manufacturer and end user bond is very close in our industry and our support here is a great way to say thank you to all of our worldwide customers.”

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