Ross Video spells out commitment to broadcast/IP convergence and industry interop

Ross Video has announced the company’s extensive involvement with several acclaimed IP standards bodies including active participation with SMPTE, AIMS, AMWA and VSF, among others. Studio Video-over-IP is a perennial hot topic with today’s broadcasters. Lured by the promise of increased resource utilisation, flexibility, centralisation, and resilience, but tied to existing infrastructure investments and workflows, many broadcasters have looked to objective industry sources including standards bodies for information and direction.

Recognising the strategic importance to broadcasters to reconcile seemingly orthogonal technology paths and consistent with Ross’ continued commitment to industry interoperability, the company plays a leadership role in several IP standards bodies. Some recent initiatives from the Ross Video team include:

  • SMPTE’s ST 2110 drafting group;
  • Efforts with AIMS technology and marketing groups including AIMS for ST 2110 compliance;
  • AMWA’s NMOS standard participation;
  • AES67 interoperability standard contribution through efforts with AVnu Alliance, Media Networking Alliance, and the Audio Engineering Society;
  • SVIP support for the VSF’s TR-03 and T4-04, the precursors to SMPTE’s ST 2110 draft.

“With our acquisition of Coveloz last year, Ross added over 30 Video Networking design experts to our engineering team,” stated David Ross, CEO of Ross Video. “The results of that acquisition are now becoming very visible with our participation in numerous IP standards bodies and our interoperability testing efforts around the world.”

To see a live example of Ross’ commitment to IP and interoperability, check out the IP Showcase at IBC 2017 which features the company’s RAPTOR-EDGE AIMS-compliant gateway, XPression Graphics, SRG series master sync generator, and the BACH Audio-over-IP platform from its COVELOZ acquisition. To learn more about Ross Video and the company’s IP initiatives, please visit IBC Stand 11.C10 or book some dedicated time with our industry experts.

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