RTBF Belgium extends studio and OB production range with split camera approach

Over the next four years, RTBF (Télévision Belge Francophone) — the Belgian French-speaking broadcast network – will gradually renew its studios and OB vans. During that period, Sony will provide the broadcaster with a total of 50 HDC-2570 cameras, along with HKC-T1500 extension adaptors and 5 HDC-P1 cameras.

“The HDC-2570 is a solid option for any broadcaster or service provider,” said Norbert Paquet, strategic marketing manager live production, Sony Europe. “The camera is a multi-format HD portable system with a digital triax transmission interface that enables users to re-use all their existing triax cabling infrastructures.”

Paquet adds that the camera includes the latest CCD technology, with 16bit A/D which provides exceptional image quality. “High reliability is a key element of the HDC series and this is paired with flexibility, and the ability to future-proof operations. The HDC-2570 offers 1080/25P and 1080/50P production capabilities on a weekly, monthly, or permanent licence basis.”

If the HDC-2570 is equipped with the fibre side panel it also offers the ability to run at 1080/100i, an economical solution for 2x slowmotion, and a unique Gigabit Ethernet Trunk line between the camera head and the CCU.

Split the difference

A unique attribute is the ‘split camera’ option with the HKC-T1500 extension adaptor. This offers the user the ability to make the camera head extremely compact and lightweight for motorbike applications. This is done by keeping only the CCD block aside, while connecting to the HDC-2570 body that is then located in the motorbike side compartment.

“This is especially important for sports coverage. The HKC-T1500 extension adaptor increases the flexibility of the camera. It allows the image sensor assembly to be physically separated from the camera body, using up to 50 metres of multicore cable. As a result, users get a compact imaging assembly which may be hand held, or located to provide unique ‘point of view’ shots on cranes, for example,” said Paquet.

When using these units for OB and sports use you can increase the range of activities you are able to deliver. The extension adaptor means that image quality is not compromised in favour of flexibility or portability. This is important for RTBF – enabling it to deliver coverage in challenging working environments. Moreover, the flexibility of the camera means RTBF is able to plan for any outside broadcast operations, but also in-studio use.”

The standard length of the cable linking the two elements is 12.5 metres. However, RTBF needed increased distance in order to guarantee flexibility without compromising on image quality, and for this a 50m cable was provided.

Although it is not possible to replace the cable with a radio link because of the amount of data being carried without compression, the HDC-2570 does offer a wireless solution. By replacing the digital triax side panel with a fully integrated radio connection a well-balanced and fully integrated radio camera is created. The wireless side panel can integrate with a BMS or Vislink radio link solution and these can be controlled directly by the camera operator.

This camera purchase, the latest in the longstanding relationship between Sony and RTBF and will see HDC-P1 POV cameras being supplied. This model is part of the HDC series, so retaining the same operation philosophy and technologies to ensure the best picture quality and colour matching. It is also future proofed with 1080/50P capability.

When it comes to viewfinders, several options have been offered to meet RTBF’s requirements. For the most critical applications, Sony is providing the HDVF-EL75 7.4’’ OLED viewfinder. Based on Sony’s own OLED technology, this viewfinder allows users to work in any lighting and movement conditions to ensure the camera operator is able to keep track of focus, while always maintaining sight of the scene. As complementary solutions, Sony also offered the latest Full HD LCD 7’’ model HDVF-L750 as well as a 2’’ B&W CRT model HDVF-200 for all the portable applications.

Paquet said, “RTBF has extremely demanding standards and requires high technical specifications. As a significant investment, they wanted to secure the highest quality products that ensure they continue to deliver the best visual experience to their audience. These solutions met these requirements, while also future-proofing the investment for the future.”


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