RTS provides intercom solutions for Indianapolis 500

RTS_Indy_50_2016_05RTS equipped six IMSP (Indianapolis Motor Speedway Productions) trucks, two NEP (North Eastern Production) vehicles, and several smaller video and RF hub trucks in the communications compound to live broadcast the recent 100th Indy 500. All race-day communications relating to the actual production (camera cues, commercial breaks, specific camera shots, commentator comments) were supported on an RTS ADAM intercom.

Six KP-5032 keypanels were located around the track in various camera and shot spotter locations, with two located in the track/event control room to enable seamless communications for a successful production of the anniversary event.

This was the first live demonstration of the new, soon-to-be-released RVON software package designed for the KP-5032s. In the past, implementing RVON required buying hardware daughter cards, pulling the keypanel out of service, installing the RVON card, returning the keypanel to the rack, and then configuring it. With the new KP-5032, adding RVON simply involves a visit to the RTS web site to download the free RVON software and loading it onto the KP-5032 for configuration.

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