SVG Europe welcomes Calrec as Gold Sponsor

It’s not just manufacturers that do business on show floors: SVG Europe is pleased to announce that audio specialist Calrec has joined the organisation as a Gold Sponsor. Not only is it the purveyor of some of the most entertaining social media commentary in the industry ( is a good place to start) and some of the best beer too (it had a special brew on the show floor named after its new Artemis Light console) but it’s also spent four decades at the very forefront of sports broadcast audio.

Since 1971 Calrec Audio has manufactured high quality production and live to air audio mixing consoles exclusively for broadcasters. This understanding has helped Calrec develop a range of consoles relied on by the world’s most successful broadcasters.

Calrec’s reputation for build quality, long-term reliability and excellent audio performance has made our consoles the benchmark for broadcast facilities across the world. In the USA, for example, Calrec leads the pack in mixing consoles in HD trucks, in use in 64% of the total fleet. The nearest competitor is a distant 13%.

Calrec has consistently pushed technology barriers; the Apollo console introduces a revolutionary control surface using OLED displays and colour-changing rotary controls, as well as a considerably more powerful Hydra2 and Bluefin2 core.

Bluefin2, the next generation of award-winning Bluefin technology, provides Apollo with over 1000 channel processing paths on just one DSP card. For surround sound mixing it is the industry’s most advanced and economical solution.

Calrec provide a range of digital consoles in the Apollo, Artemis, Alpha, Sigma, Omega and Zeta consoles, alongside Hydra networking. Hydra and Hydra2 continues to provide a solution for sharing network I/O resources and control data between Calrec digital mixing consoles.

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