SAM upgrades SVG Europe sponsorship to Platinum

SVG Europe is delighted to announce that Snell Advanced Media (SAM) has become the latest sponsor to upgrade from Gold to Platinum. The new status will allow SAM to take advantage of additional event-related and editorial opportunities, including heightened participation in SVG Europe summits and an Executive level interview.

Kevin O’Meara, Head of Marketing Communications at SAM, explained the decision to upgrade: “One of the challenges that any company faces is getting their message to the correct audience, assuming you have the correct message for that audience of course. Many ‘trade bodies’ purport to have the key to the door when it comes to accessing the movers and shakers in a particular segment but it is my experience that generally they fail to deliver on the promise. The main reason for this is lack of focus.

“SVG has re-set the game. They are defining what good looks like in this space and are being successful because they understand what their role is and therefore they can bring focus to the process. This is paying off hugely.

“I can’t think of another organisation that can access the right people, at all levels, with the right mix of platforms – workshops, technical papers, forums and excellent news and articles.

“Why wouldn’t we be a Platinum partner?”

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