Sematron unveils latest version of sports-friendly Live Everywhere system

The new edition of Sematron Italy Srl’s mobile communication satellite over IP connection system, Live Everywhere, is available now. Used by the likes of Tiscali and FIGC, the system is available in three options to suit every need and requirement: Fixed, Fly Away and Mobile SNG.

Mario Rizzo Ciro, CEO of Sematron Italy, comments: “Everywhere Live is a portable apparatus for satellite IP connectivity for access to the network and the use of its many services, so it is ideal when shooting sports or news on venues. Ease, speed of use, extreme portability and compactness are coupled with reliability and high performance.”

It allows access to high speed internet, with an operating signal anywhere and in any weather condition, and can be applied to countless applications, even by non-experts since it involves no use of special software or hardware. The equipment is versatile and lightweight (less than 10 kg), compact and mounts in less than 10 minutes, and provides a connection speed higher than conventional terrestrial ADSL (up to 20 Mbps download and 8 Mbps upload for private and professional use, and 40 Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload for dedicated connections, including guaranteed bandwidth for priority and safe mode).

The system, says Sematron, is proposed as an alternative to the traditional and more expensive contribution systems like SNG up-link.

The possible applications are many and include: internet, radio/TV broadcasting, web streaming, video, VoIP, data management exchange, VPN, telemedicine, video conferencing, monitoring networks and devices, digital media streaming, backup & disaster recovery, e-mail and FTP. It has been adopted by numerous TV stations, audiovisual services, ENG and EFP crew, and sports venues, among others.

The duration of the connection and the type of traffic can be modulated according to the actual needs and usage loads, with a consequent saving from an economic point of view.

An antenna, a transmitter and a modem do the trick, with a live broadcast also requiring an IP video encoder and an IP video decoder on the receiver side.

Through bi-directional satellite IP connectivity, Everywhere Live transmits and receives data through the new Eutelsat’s 9 degrees east KA-SAT satellite, providing a powerful and independent signal.

The FIGC with the youth sector of the Italian Football Federation through Live Everywhere distributes direct professional National Youth Championships for various broadcast channels and on-site Federal, and portals institutional club coverage of Series A and B, as well as, national sports newspapers, and

Among the most important national events of the last two seasons, Everywhere Live was used by the FIGC Italian Football Federation for the live broadcast of all matches of the Serie A Youth Championships for Juniors and Professionals categories. After broadcasting live last September the finals of the international tennis tournament Nike Junior Tour, Everywhere Live recently starred in the 11th edition of the International English Badminton. It also played a role in high-profile coverage of major swimming, water polo and handball tournaments.

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