Signiant introduces Cloud Handshake to accelerate intelligent file movement

On a Zoom media briefing call, Signiant chief marketing officer Jon Finegold has revealed that the company was planning to launch a new feature called Cloud Handshake at NAB in Las Vegas.

“The big thing we were excited to introduce at NAB is what we’re calling Cloud Handshake. Our platform is now used by more than 25,000 companies, of all sizes, across the globe. As the world moves to more global collaboration where big companies and small companies are collaborating and exchanging content, setting up inter-company content exchange can be a very technical and very cumbersome thing – and also requires a lot of trust because, in using legacy tools, you might have to exchange passwords or let someone else into your networking environment,” said Finegold.

Signiant chief marketing officer Jon Finegold

“What Signiant has done with this Cloud Handshake is, if you have our software in your data centre and your partner has our software in their data centre, you can now set up an invitation or ‘friend request’ where you can allow certain access between the two companies in a very user-friendly way. It lets each company have control over your own assets, security and infrastructure, so you don’t have to share passwords with me or let me into your environment; it’s all controlled through our secure cloud control plane, but made to be very easy and thus far more secure to set up inter-company content exchange.

“That’s something we were planning to announce and demonstrate at NAB this year. We’re rolling it out now to early customers and it’s something we’re excited about as the industry is definitely moving to a highly collaborative model and those inter-company content exchanges are mission critical. We aim to make that much easier and much more secure.”

Finegold outlined that this new functionality is part of a current strategy around “moving beyond fast file movement”. Signiant’s growth was accelerated in 2019 with the introduction of its newest SaaS product, Signiant Jet, the final building block in the company’s foundational suite of intelligent file movement solutions. Jet offers simple system-to-system file transfer capabilities to businesses of any size.

The Signiant SDCX SaaS platform now addresses any use case within or between companies, across any hybrid cloud or multi-cloud environment: Jet handles system-to-system file movement, Media Shuttle is for person-initiated transfers, and Signiant Flight moves data to and from the cloud.

With an installed base of over 25,000 businesses and the platform foundation now in place, the company’s strategic roadmap calls for increasing investment in adjacent functionality.

Finally, in order to support the media industry during the COVID-19 pandemic, Signiant is taking the step of offering unlimited users to Media Shuttle customers. As the virus changes work patterns across the industry, it is more vital than ever for media professionals to have the ability to work remotely and collaborate globally ⎯ the very workflows that Media Shuttle enables.

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