Snell unveils Vega and more

So hot off the presses it hasn’t even made it into a press release yet, Snell will be launching the Vega multiformat fibre/coax/triax router at IBC, which allows users to be totally asymmetric in their routing. “Any connection can be input or output at your whim, and the relative size can be smaller than anything else out there,” says Norman Rouse, Snell’s Vice President – Global Marketing and PR.

Vega joins previously announced IBC unveils such as Centra Vita, an intuitive system for fast setup and immediate router use as and when desired. “You can sit there and have a rocket scientist sit there and work it all out for you, or you can press a few buttons and have a ready to go setting,” says Rouse. A Web control panel ensures out-of-the-box operation, and an external snapshot application saves the live status of all or a selection of routes and later recalls those settings. “If you want to sit around and fiddle with it and fine hone things, then you still can. But if you want to get yourself up and running quickly, then you can do that too.”

Elsewhere, more audio routing capabilities have been added to the Sirius 800 series. “That means you don’t have to have external audio procession and external power supplies and external this that and the other, which, when your space is at a premium, is very useful,” says Rouse.

Then there’s the addition of file I/Os for the Alchemist Ph.C. “You get the benefit of the best standards conversion possible, along with the benefit of the fact that you don’t have to get something out of file format land and into tele video land in order to use it,” he says. “It can be done already, sure, but it’s very time-consuming. Using this will give you not only the best quality but will also deliver it in the best possible time.”

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