Sony adds new PTZ ILME-FR7 to range along with Venice 2 Extension System 2 for added flexibility

Venice Extension System 2

Sony is reinforcing the connectivity and capabilities of its cameras, allowing users to do more with their content at the point of acquisition, supporting the development of remote operations.

Sony announced recently the latest addition to its Cinema Line, the ILME-FR7, an E-mount interchangeable lens camera with a full-frame image sensor and built-in pan tilt zoom (PTZ) functionality. Its versatile remote control and cinematic features open creative possibilities in studio, live production, and filmmaking settings.

A high-performance full-frame image sensor and the expressive scope of Sony’s extensive E-mount lens line up work with remote PTZ control, high flexibility in zoom capability and wide angle shooting to break through location and space limitations. It also offers the cinematic look and operability that have made Sony digital cinema cameras push the boundaries of the filmmaking industry, plus versatile connectivity and efficient multi camera workflow support.

Sony also announced new updates and developments for the Venice 2 motion picture camera system, including the release of the Venice Extension System 2 for expanded flexibility and version 2.00 firmware update.

The Venice Extension System 2 is an updated version of the original Venice Extension System and was showcased for the first time at IBC 2022. The Extension System 2 is a tethered extension system that allows the camera body to detach from the actual image sensor block with no degradation in image quality.

The Venice Extension System 2 adds important enhancements over the original, including compatibility with both the Venice and the Venice 2 and can transmit wide bandwidth sensor data over longer distances. In addition, the Extension System 2 offers greater mobility and compatibility with either a three metre or a 12 metre cable without the need for a repeater.

Thanks to its small size and light weight, filmmakers have greater creative freedom with the ability to shoot in tight spaces, go handheld or mount the Extension System 2 on gimbals and cranes.

“The original Venice Rialto System has been such a great resource to give me added flexibility for feature films. On Top Gun: Maverick, the small form factor of three Venice Extension System, paired with three cameras, allowed us to place six Venice cameras, in the cockpit of an F-18 fighter jet to capture the excitement of flying in-camera. The extension system has given me the flexibility to be as creative as I want to be,” said Oscar award-winning cinematographer Claudio Miranda ASC.

Academy-award-winning cinematographer Erik Messerschmidt has been shooting with the Venice 2 Extension System on an upcoming project. He offered this feedback, “The Venice 2 Rialto has been a huge asset for me. It frees us to use the sensor we already love in ways we never could without it.”

In addition, the Extension System 2 is nearly the same size of the original system, measuring 158 x 147 x 126 mm, and weighing around 2.1 kg. For added capabilities, such as when shooting for Visual FX, the Extension System 2 is equipped with a tilt/roll sensor[viii] on the camera head that detects motion. It records this information in the metadata and outputs the data through the camera’s SDI.

For added functionality, the Extension System 2 also has four assignable buttons making it perfect for handheld configurations. This feature allows buttons to be assigned for functions, such as changing ND filters, REC Start/Stop, etc.

The new Venice Extension System 2 will be available in Australia and New Zealand from early 2023.

Venice 2 Version 2.00 adds new features and capabilities specifically requested by production professionals, including new imager modes, higher recording speeds, and sync functions for working with LED walls and volumes.

Version 2.00 will also allow users to embed Look Up Table (LUT) and Colour Decision Lists (CDL) data in clips. It also offers new monitor-out functions such as zoom to fit for anamorphic lenses and the ability to change the position of the recording status indicator and playback status indicator up to eight positions to the centre of the screen, a needed function when in zoom to fit anamorphic modes.

Additionally, the Venice 2 Version 2.00 firmware update comes with added functionality to assist with focus. Version 2.00 allows one of nine positions on the viewfinder to be magnified to assist with focus and shooting. New functions also allow users to output the same image as the viewfinder with settings, such as peaking and zebra[xii], from monitor-out. Playback functions have also been improved. Playback position in the clip is now displayed and allows frame-by-frame playback. Now, EI metadata is also applied during playback.

New functionality has also been added for virtual production. Version 2.00 firmware update adds sync functions, including phase shifting of Genlock, which enables you to shift on-camera artefacts until they are minimised. Additionally, Genlock is now available when shooting at high frame rates. [xiii]

Venice 2 Version 2.00 will be released in early 2023.


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