Spain’s broadcasters lean on LiveU for regional and local election coverage

Live Audiovisual (LIVE!) has provided broad coverage of the recent local and regional elections in Spain with a large-scale deployment of LiveU technology across the country. The deal was overseen by regional LiveU partner Park 7. Major national and regional media turned to Live Audiovisual and LiveU, including Mediaset, Atresmedia, Forta, Xarxa, 13 TV, RTVCyLeon, TV Extremadura and El País.

Live Audiovisual facilitated the coverage of both last-minute campaigning as well as the evolving overall picture on election day and night with tens of LiveU units working simultaneously as the day progressed. Units from across the company’s range were deployed, including the LU200. They were used both independently as well integrated with Ka-band flyaway technology.

LiveU’s technology has been widely deployed globally for election coverage, including a major partnership with Sky News for the recent UK general elections as well as for elections in India, Greece, and Sri Lanka.

Following on from its recent success, and in order to provide enhanced service, Live Audiovisual is now rolling out its network of offices at over 10 locations in Spain, all with IPDSNG flyaway Ka-band equipment integrated with LiveU units.

Zion Eilam, Head of Business Operations Europe, LiveU, said, “It’s very gratifying to see deployments on this scale as our technology continues to grow in popularity. It’s now a question of how the technology can be used, not whether it should be used, and nowhere is this clearer than in the case of election coverage, where it’s simply ideal.”

LiveU owns the patent for cellular bonding for remote news gathering in the US and other countries. All LiveU products are based on this fourth-generation patented technology.

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