Speed of sound: Renkus-Heinz audio for Tierp Arena

The brainchild of Lief Andréasson, Tierp Arena – located on an old military airfield in central Sweden – is one of the most modern drag-racing arenas in the world, providing 1.56 miles of motorsport just 120km north of Stockholm. It is also the first European track of its kind to be accredited by the NHRA (National Hot Rod Association), the US-based group that is the sport’s de facto world organisation.

Tierp Arena has been equipped with Renkus-Heinz PNX102/LA line array modules

Tierp Arena has been equipped with Renkus-Heinz PNX102/LA line array modules

“We’ve built one of the best race tracks in the world,” says Tierp Arena co-director Lars Erik Lindberg. “The reason it’s one of the best is simple: the track is concrete so it’s really flat and stable; not so sensitive to weather or temperatures. Modelled on Formula 1 tracks, it now has one of Sweden’s longest straights, plus open hairpins and very fast corners. And the facilities are excellent: grandstands for 20,000 people, many toilets, showers, and a large put area with all the facilities the teams could want.”

This focus on excellence extends to the specification of audio systems providng commentary for the drag racing audience. With the assistance of Renkus-Heinz Sweden distributor Luthman SMTTS AB, the venue has selected low-profile Renkus-Heinz PNX102/LA line array modules, 24 boxes in total, bolted in pairs to customised steel ground frames to make 12 independent freestanding clusters. Installer Lennart Johansson has devised a semi-mobile/modular and multi-angle suspension system for the cabinets that will be able to deal with the wide variety of weather conditions to which the track is subjected.

“The critical factor, though, is that the commentary can be heard over the massive ambient noise,” says Luthman SMTTS AB’s Karl-Gustaf Kahlau. “These compact line array modules are matched to high efficiency Powersoft amplifiers via a weather-insulated network of pre-installed underground cables under the racetrack, and weatherproof ground facility panels, all running back to the amp rack room in the main building.”

As part of a specification also devised with the possible hosting of live music and other entertainment events in mind, a PreSonus 16:0:2 digital console with live and recording capabilities constitutes the hub for the track’s audio system.

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