Sport Production Summit: Football season brings new era of 4K UHD production

The new football league season in Europe is set to coincide with a major escalation of OB capability, bringing 4K/UHD production right into the mainstream for broadcast. Two key sessions at SVG Europe’s Sport Production Summit in Amsterdam 8 September will bring together leaders in production and connectivity for 4K/UHD production to address key issues arising.

OB service providers are making the move to 4K/UHD and embracing developments in IP-based video production with new trucks having rolled out this summer. The facility providers have taken differing paths, but all are implementing emerging technologies that they believe will best serve broadcast clients in coming years.

What are the key decisions around cameras, IP switching, vision mixers, servers, control, monitoring – especially with standardisation and interoperability issues still swirling around the industry? Will the new generation accommodate the desired single-truck UHD/HD production workflow? At the Sport Production Summit, the ‘Anatomy of an IP-Based 4K UHD OB Truck: New Perspectives’ will provide many answers.

Meanwhile, representatives of leading remote production facility providers are raising awareness among equipment vendors on the need for 12-Gbps SDI-over-coax connectivity per SMPTE 2082, for 4K and/or UHD production. Can 12-Gbps SDI over single coax become a viable alternative to the current approach of four 3-Gbps SDI signals – the Quad HD solution facility providers call bulky, cumbersome and unwieldy.

How do vendors invest in the IP infrastructure future — if they must also look back over their shoulders to SDI routing accommodating 12-Gbps? Is this a viable option for future production? SVG Europe will present a session, ‘Call to Action: 12 GB Connectivity for 4K/UHD Production’ to provide directions for this new industry paradigm.

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