Stepping Stones: Laying the base of a broadcast production with EMG Netherlands’ rigger, Cheyenne Broerze

Cheyenne Broerze operating an impressively huge camera for EMG The Netherlands

Cheyenne Broerze is a rigger at EMG Netherlands. She loves how her role has opened up opportunities to travel and learn. Her article is part of our Stepping Stones series which aims to bring women at the beginning of their careers in sports broadcasting into the spotlight.

What is your job role today and what do you love about it?

My job role title is rigger. I love working in broadcasting because of the connections that I have made with my colleagues, and the diversity in my role.

What does your current job entail on a day to day basis?

‘Pulling cables for television’. But it is so much more than that. As rigger we’re assisting everybody in our work field. We are laying the base of a broadcast production.

Can you talk us through your relevant education that helped you break into the sports broadcasting industry?

I studied Audio Visual Technology in Hilversum [Netherlands]. I did my internship at one of the bigger broadcasting companies in the Netherlands as rigger. After my internship, I continued to work there and was able to achieve my diploma internally.

What happened next to get you where you are today?

So much has happened after I started working in the broadcast industry. I switched to a different company. I did a number of amazing jobs in the sport broadcasting. I operated the routing system for the commentary of the Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang. Last year I worked at Roland Garros. And I am developing myself as a senior rigger at bigger international football competitions.

Where job would you like to be in in five or 10 years time? What are your career goals?

First of all, I would like to further develop myself as a rigger. And I love to grow in this company and like to see where my path will go. Anything can happen.

Rosan Fluks [left] and Cheyenne Broerze [right] from EMG The Netherlands

Can you give us some top tips that really helped you get where you are today? 

Be yourself. Because you work in such a thriving industry you have to work hard so you can enjoy it more everyday.

Can you give us some tips on things not to do or to avoid when trying to get a role you really want?

Don’t be lazy. Doing nothing will never get you anywhere. It’s your hard work that will get you where you want to go so work for it.

What would you say are the barriers to getting a job in the broadcast industry?

It’s a hard working industry, you work irregular hours and can work away from home for a longer period of time.

What would you recommend to other people thinking of working in the broadcast industry?

It’s an amazing job, you will see much of the world and will be in places nobody else will go to.

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