‘SVG COVID-19 Sports Production Operations Guide’ provides re-start guidance

After several months of meetings with industry leaders discussing the return of sports production during the coronavirus pandemic, SVG USA has published the COVID-19 Sports Production Operations Guide. This guide is designed to provide guidance for those in the Americas who may have questions about how to approach some of the challenges that our industry is facing, given the requirements for safety protocols, social distancing, and more.

Version 1.0 of this guide has been divided into seven sections: Personnel Management, Compound Design, Compound Entry, Entering & Exiting the Truck, Third Party Providers, Catering, and Vests/Access Wear.

Please note that this guide is simply a starting point for your own organisation’s internal discussions, as we are well aware that the wide range of sport productions cannot be served by one document. In addition, please stay tuned for additional sections to be added in the coming weeks.

Click here to view all the information contained in the SVG USA Operations Guide.

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