SVG Europe Audio announces first speakers for the AI Audio Forum

SVG Europe Audio is excited to announce the AI Audio Forum, which will take place on Thursday 4 August at 15:00 (UK time).

The application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in audio and video production and distribution holds tremendous potential that is only now beginning to be tapped. Today we are at the cusp of what we might be able to achieve in the future by leveraging AI technology in sports broadcasting, where many exciting opportunities for AI are starting to present themselves.

This online event will delve into the hot topic of artificial intelligence in audio, welcoming those at the forefront of this technology as they share their thoughts on where we are at and what the future could hold.

The first speakers for this event have now been confirmed. The forum will begin with Professor Andy Miah, University of Salford, Chair of Science Communication & Future Media, setting the scene with a presentation on the possibilities and opportunities of AI in media, audio and sports broadcasting.

He will then be joined by Fadi Malak, independent industry consultant, Rob Oldfield, Salsa Sound co-founder and CEO, and chair Roger Charlesworth for an open discussion about the emerging applications of AI technology in audio production and potential applications to leverage AI further to efficiently manage, control and enhance audio and other media.

To find out more and to register please go to: AI Audio Forum

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