SVG Europe FutureSport 2014: Dolby to discuss object-based audio and the power of choice

The emerging possibilities of object-based audio technologies for delivering significant enhancements to the sports viewing experience will be the focus of a session presented by Rob France – senior product marketing manager at SVG Europe’s newly signed Platinum sponsor Dolby – at SVG Europe’s FutureSport summit at Lord’s Cricket Ground, London, on 2 December.

With the increasing desire of consumers to have an experience that tailors to their personal choices, it continues to be important to look at all areas of the sports broadcast experience to deliver these choices to consumers. Audio has a unique ability to convey the passion of fans and to help tell the story of the game, and there are now new ways that sound can be used to deliver a truly personalised experience.

Object-based audio makes it easier to deliver choices to consumers, where the experience is tailored to each consumer’s preferences and desires. During this session Dolby will provide an overview of the various opportunities this presents for the industry, as well as its own work in developing and testing new personalised audio experiences.

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