SVG Europe Sit-Down: Mariano Maglioccola, Rewindm’s technical manager

A vehicle from the Rewindm OB fleet

A vehicle from the Rewindm OB fleet

The technical manager of Rewindm, Naples, Mariano Maglioccola, sets the scene for SVG Europe by explaining: “We are in charge of the Napoli football team filming; that is the only football club in Italy, along with Juventus, that produces images in-house. So we are always engaged in the production of Series A and Series B for football, where we are hired by Infront, Mediaset and Sky.

“Usually, on average, we get on the field a couple of days before the game. We do not lay cables because the stadiums are now almost fully-wired permanently and usually carry both a recording and live broadcast. We also manage all mobile vehicles that are used for the uplink which are not our property.

“We requested a turnkey engagement for a complete package that often involves us both as host broadcaster, and for customising feeds for the various broadcasters.

“For example, we always have three mobile vehicles engaged in the production of Naples: usually a vehicle acting as host broadcaster which produces the clean feed, plus two other OB vans for integration and customisation, usually for Mediaset and one of integration for Sky. So we are always engaged at least with three OB vans for many matches.

“The configurations of production vary according to the expressed needs; the famous standards officially requested are A, B, C.

“In the smallest standard (C) nine cameras are used and there are set-ups to be followed that the football club always requires; often there are four cameras that are placed in the stands, then one on the sideline bench, at least two at the back door and then, according to the configuration required, we bring on the field a steadicam and/or a mobile crane and jimmy jib.

“The recording is always made on XDCAM as a backup, while the programme travels by satellite or fiber.

“Some contribution images are recorded to complete customisations and proposed in the ‘dead time’ between the two parts of the game. Actually, every broadcaster requires some customisation of their own.”

Expertise and great equipment

The rewindm team prepares to capture another major sports event

The rewindm team prepares to capture another major sports event

Asked the rather more trivial question ‘why should someone choose Rewindm to undertake filming on so many programmes?’, Mariano’s answer displays the character that has made Neapolitans famous throughout the world: “We are chosen for being nice… we Neapolitans are usually kind and helpful!”

In fact, this witty reply refers to a structure of dynamic and competitive television service delivered by people with extensive experience. Rewindm offers the market 20 years of experience in filming events with creativity and innovation, so in effect it is a reference point for quality audiovisual productions. In tandem with this experience, the company is also able to offer organisational flexibility and an inventory of great equipment.

Mariano Maglioccola emphasises: “Our company has a steadily growing fleet; OB vans for production in HD and SD, new equipment for graphics, ENG troupes, generators, control rooms in flight cases, and more. Our products are available in all formats currently in use in the world: XDCAM, SP, SX, IMX, DVCAM, DVCPRO.

All this has enabled us to become the official service company for SSC Napoli and before that for Sky, Mediaset, RAI, LA7, Videopiù, GXT, Merge TV, MTV and RDS.”

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