SVG Europe Sit-Down: Roy Suzuki from NTT Electronics offers thoughts on remote production and IP developments.

NTT Electronics Europe based in Italy is a subsidiary of NTT Electronics headquartered in Japan. Its portfolio, which is used by a wide range of broadcasting equipment manufacturers, includes the development of miniature and lightweight codec equipment and monitory system products. Our Sit Down with Roy Suzuki, account manager, overseas digital video sales department, starts with a look at the challenges ahead.

Roy Suzuki, account manager, overseas digital video sales department, NTT Electronics

What do you see as your biggest challenge as you go forward into 2018?

Between technological innovation and cost barriers for investment, a lot of customers are considering a new 4K service for two big events in 2018; the Winter Olympic Games and World Cup Football.

For many customers, we would like to provide our help so that they can increase content value with 4K high quality encoding, through NTT Electronics’ HEVC solution. We are engaged in significant effort for our partners in order they can appreciate the high quality picture, performance and stability of our products.

What were the main concerns of those people who visited your stand at IBC this year? And how did you resolve their problems?

Most customers are planning big investment for new technologies, such as HEVC. NTT Electronics has displayed HD Multi-channel, together with 4K/UHD at IBC. Customers can use this technology to keep their OPEX controlled, thus saving equipment cost per channel.

At the same time, we are extremely focused in understanding and supporting each project inquiry from customers. Our proposals include suitable timing, the appropriate solution and attractive prices for the customers’ satisfaction.

The HC10000E is an HEVC and H.264/AVC 4K/HD/SD Encoder

How does your equipment help broadcasters with remote production?

The video contribution market is changing, and there is an expansion of services that are delivered, not only using ‘traditional’ broadcasting, but also the internet. Higher value of material is required and a lot of customers are considering building new services with this increased value content.

For these internet service providers, our remote production solution is an important step forward. That’s because it makes it easier for the remote control and management of several connected encoders/decoders on to an IP network. In addition, the solution provides monitoring of IP jitter, packet loss, multiplexing and control bit-rate change.

The solution is constructed by hardware encoders, decoders and software basis remote monitoring and parameter setting functions. Proven hardware equipment gives customers reliability and stability for systems. Also, the software remote control function can be customised to meet the system requirement.

What future developments for IP production do you foresee?

Because internet content delivery is growing so much, as a manufacturer NTT Electronics is considering products for specific IP transmission. As a middle range in the line up, we’re considering an IP encoder/decoder with HEVC support. It is not only to keep the picture quality at a lower bit-rate than the current rate, but also providing a secure transferring stream over IP.

Included are technologies like seamless protection, LDGM as a stronger FEC, Adaptive bit rate control and so on. These precise functions, that take care of the IP condition, are very important items, and we believe are extremely interesting for our customers.

UHD is with us today – but how do you see 8K developing?

NTT Electronics is researching and developing new 8K technology or even a much higher picture quality solution. Especially, we are targeting the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, and are planning to release higher specifications for global customers.

Do you have a sports related case study that illustrates what your products can achieve?

In 2017, our products are being used for 4K transmission with HEVC encoding/decoding service at a UK major sports channel.  The key areas have included motorsports and football matches in Europe. This content is popular, not only in various regions in Europe, but also globally, and especially in Japan.

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