SVG Europe welcomes new Gold Sponsor Broadcast Sports International LLC

BSI UK Managing Director Tony Valentino

SVG Europe is delighted to announce a new Gold Sponsor in the form of Broadcast Sports International LLC (BSI), which was founded in 1983 to address the emerging need for specialised camera systems and wireless transmission technology in the North American broadcast market. Building on the success of on-board camera systems developed for NASCAR, BSI has grown substantially over the years and developed a reputation as the ‘go to’ provider of wireless Point of View systems as well as large scale wireless coverage for live events.

BSI continues to develop the kind of innovative products that has allowed for expansion into manufacture and product sales in addition to service offerings with extensive live golf coverage, all major North American racing series, global Olympics coverage, and a long list of large-scale one-off special events.

BSI was built on the concept of providing an array of services that allows projects to be carried from concept to implementation. This turnkey approach has facilitated innovation and rapid response to changing needs in a high tech industry. By utilising in-house expertise to deliver cutting edge products to our operations group and clients worldwide, BSI has been able to provide the latest technologies paired with the skill and experience necessary to offer flawless integration into a client’s facilities and productions.

Since the beginning, BSI has focused on providing a one-stop shop for unique solutions. Building strong engineering and manufacturing capabilities into the business has allowed the undertaking of complex projects and the delivery of live production-specialised, and often miniaturised video, audio, and communications products and systems. All of which are constantly being refined and updated utilizing the knowledge and feedback of the BSI field operations team. When it comes to producing wireless infrastructure and elements in challenging environments, you will not find a more experienced company.

BSI manufactures and supplies wireless and specialty camera systems in addition to associated services to over 300 events annually and numerous long-term clients. With a fleet of 13 RF mobile units in addition to integrated systems in road cases, BSI is always prepared to provide any level of RF services, both in the US and globally. A constant focus is placed on training, both guided and on the job.

4K wireless transmission system test

In recent developments, Broadcast Sports International, LLC (BSI) has announced the first real world test of its new 4K mobile wireless transmission system for OB production. Using its Real freedom product line as the basis for the transmission system, BSI has incorporated a low delay H.265 encoder capable of transmitting high quality 4K content from a quad-3G SDI source. Currently a first generation system but most assuredly functional, the system performed beyond expectations when deployed in a side by side test with HD wireless systems.

The images captured showed no perceptible artefacts when displayed on a 4K monitor and the proven RF performance of the Real Freedom system allowed for seamless coverage around the pitch. The throughput of the encoding was purposefully limited to 15/mbps in order to evaluate the effectiveness of encoding at a rate that was easily achievable in an 8 MHz wide carrier. While the system is capable of much higher throughput with the use of BSI’s dual pedestal transmission feature, this outing was intended to evaluate quality and robustness in a real world broadcast environment.

The company’s engineering team is continuing to make further improvements to latency, power consumption, and to incorporate all the bells and whistles that are expected of a BSI design. Its integrated camera control system has already been upgraded to incorporate 4K controls for Sony cameras that supply native quad-3G outputs with support for other manufacturers underway.

Joining SVG Europe

Explaining the decision to join SVG Europe as a Gold Sponsor at this stage in BSI’s development, BSI UK Managing Director Tony Valentino comments: “BSI UK is extremely pleased to be joining SVGE, allowing us to connect with our existing and new clients to further develop our relationships. The benefits of sharing technical information, expertise, the latest news from the industry and the continued educational opportunities make this an invaluable platform.

“One of our many goals and challenges at BSI is to be constantly developing the next generation of mobile miniature wireless camera technologies which we hope will transform the coverage of sports production both in image quality and unique camera angles, changing the way you view the world.”

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