SVG Europe Women Virtual event shows team leaders and individuals how to motivate and inspire

At the latest SVG Europe Women Virtual wellbeing event on Wednesday 14 October, attendees learned tactics and exercises to help motivate and inspire themselves, as well as teams.

Titled Motivation, Inspiration and Managing Change – How to focus on inspiring, motivating and managing change for yourself and others in the face of adversity, this session was presented by special guest speaker, wellbeing and resilience coach Sarah Swanton.

The session was aimed at helping people to manage today’s living and working situations. With most people working from home today and situations changing on a weekly basis, it can be hard to keep pushing forwards as an individual and even harder to keep a team working together with the same comradery and creativity as is the case when people are face to face regularly.

Swanton spoke about how the way we are living today because of the pandemic – mainly in isolation from colleagues, family and friends – is having a detrimental effect on our ‘Human Needs’. This is a list of nine areas that need to be fulfilled in order for us as humans to feel happy, which in turn affect our motivation, inspiration, and our ability to manage the changing world we are now existing within.

She said: “When all of our human needs are being met in balanced and healthy ways, we feel motivated, inspired and resilient, able to navigate challenges and remain hopeful even in the face of adversity and uncertainty.

“But, when one or more of our human needs aren’t being met, then we become demotivated, uninspired, low in energy and resilience, and if left unresolved for too long, we may even become anxious or depressed. However, knowledge is power, and by using these human needs as a reference, just making even a few tweaks to the way you work and approach life, will have you noticing quite quickly the positive benefits.”

She then went on to explain those needs, and provided perspectives for both individuals and team leaders.

Swanton has given SVG Europe Women copies of the Human Needs, both for individuals and team leaders. If you would like a copy of either, please contact [email protected].

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