SVG launches Women’s Sports Media Initiative for Europe

Formally launched last week at FutureSport 2013, the SVG Europe Women’s Sports Media Initiative aims to support, inspire and promote women in the area of sports production. A complement to the Stateside initiative, the European group is being headed up by Bubble & Squeak managing director Sadie Groom.

The first meeting saw the group define its mission and goals, namely: to inspire younger women to know that there is a large team behind sporting talent and that they can be part of it; to educate women currently in the industry about new technologies using clear language and in a user-friendly way; and to make connections with other women’s groups in sports or technology to explore joint events/promotions.

Techniques to achieve these goals will include: getting the talent to talk about the team behind them and how sport is a large, all-encompassing industry; using inspirational women to talk about what mistakes they have made and how they overcome them; nurturing an events schedule to run alongside SVG Europe events; to start mentor scheme; and to discuss intern programmes with key networks.

“The purpose of the group is to support, inspire and promote women in the arena of sports production, and in 2014 we will be opening up the membership and hosting events including tech talks and motivational seminars,” says Groom. “We are also looking at a mentor scheme and are open to ideas for anything else that you think the group can do.”

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