Swiss national football team uses Viz Libero Teams for 3D replays and analysis

Switzerland’s national football team has used Vizrt’s Viz Libero Teams to provide the squad with 3D replays and analysis and interactive telestration tools that allow them to see their play in a clear and interpretive way.

Switzerland’s national football team uses Vizrt’s Viz Libero Teams for 3D replays and analysis

The team always travels with Viz Libero software and a graphics card on a laptop to capture all of the action and provide on-site analysis. The laptop version of Viz Libero Teams combines fully rendered 3D scenes with an interactive user interface for the coaches to use in the locker room, training centre or even on the field.

“In today’s highly competitive sports leagues, we’re always looking for any advantage over an opponent, like every other team. Tools like the Viz Libero system allow our coaches to effectively teach and improve player performance in ways not possible before. We can take the system on the road with us, which helps immensely during games and afterward as well,” said Vincent Cavin, sports coordinator for the Swiss national team.

During a game, live action footage is imported into the laptop and then made immediately ready for game analysis. Content can then either be played out onto a screen, or clips can be exported and sent to players to watch individually after a game.

Cavin said the system stimulates tactical conversations between coach and players on the sidelines of a game, allowing coaches to build and visualise complex plays with intuitive drawings, which in turn leads to improved player performance.

“The Viz Libero system gives us clear visualization of key plays which has proven to be crucial for players to understand the message quickly and what we’re trying to do during the game,” said Cavin. “These types of high quality visual analysis tools help the players work with the coaches in a much more productive and highly visual way.”

Several features used by the Swiss National coaching team include the automatic tracking of multiple players, realistic 3D replays, new perspectives from different angles, distance measurements, and player moves.

Viz Libero’s Automatic Player Tracking feature is used extensively to automatically track players on the pitch and accurately show their movement without needing any special cameras installed at the stadium. A coach simply clicks on one or more players and Viz Libero automatically tracks the players and corrects itself if the view of a player becomes obstructed at any point.

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