Tech Insight: EMG looks at the efficiencies, safety, and sustainability of remote production

Next up in our Platinum sponsor Tech Insights we have Adam Berger, UK head of special projects and innovation at EMG, who talks about the efficiencies, safety, and sustainability of remote production. EMG is a global provider of broadcast services and media solutions for live sports, entertainment and events. The Group combines unique know-how and expertise to master the entire value chain from image creation to distribution.

What are your key new technologies, solutions, and enhancements for sports broadcasters that you have bought out over the last quarter?

One of the highlights must be some of the initial deployments of our diPloy IP flypack system. Very much an ‘anywhere, any way and any size’ design, these are modular units that are based on the concept of a deconstructed OB truck. They operate on a fully redundant SMPTE 2110 IP-based system and are geographically dispersed for remote production workflows. But they can be housed together too.

In Japan over the summer, we housed diPloy units in 40ft shipping containers to deliver key UHD HDR facilities and, at one point, we had more than 4,400 uncompressed flows in operation, totaling a mammoth 50.5Tbs flowing through our switches.

What have been the top technology trends during 2021 what are the hot technology trends we can expect to see in 2022 in sports broadcasting, and why will we see these?

It is widely known that the pandemic accelerated the change to more remote production. The greater proportion of our operations are now remote productions for the genuine reasons of efficiencies, safety, and sustainability, without compromising on screen value. Also, because it has become an accepted workflow that is well proven, the creative requirements are now more ambitious. This adds to the complexity and scale that we can achieve, because of the experience we have gained in the last 18 months of remote delivery.

The number of connectivity providers is increasing, but it still needs to be realistically affordable to compel more stakeholders to take that remote leap of faith. Production budgets are under consistent pressure to get more for less. 2022 will see us migrating toward more centralised technology that does not need to be “in the field,” but based in our own private cloud. The concepts are well proven, the efficiencies of operating this way are tangible. This is the next vital phase of our remote production journey.

As an innovative technology operator, we are totally committed to partnering our clients with lean and green operations so we can play our part in helping to deliver carbon net zero productions. The remote revolution started because we had to change; great engineering talent and smart technology made it possible. Aligning that with a with a wider change in production culture will mean that carbon net zero productions could become the norm ahead of expectation.

What can we expect to see from your company in 2022?

Expect to see continued innovation from EMG. As a group we now encompass 21 companies working across 10 countries and cover pretty much all the major sporting events on the calendar.

Having grown considerably over recent years, we have used the slowdown due to the pandemic to mesh our teams more closely together across different countries. The synergies we are developing from this, as well as the purchasing power and influence we have in the marketplace as such a large group, are really helping us to drive some key technologies forward in interesting areas. It will be an exciting year for us, so watch this space.



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