Tedial continues its ‘strong partnership’ with SVG Europe as a Gold sponsor

Tedial, which was founded in 2001 to bring greater business agility and value to media companies with scalable and effective solutions that optimise their media supply chain and management operations, has returned as a Gold sponsor of SVG Europe.

“The sports market is key to Tedial and we’re very happy to continue our strong partnership with SVG Europe by renewing our Gold Sponsorship,” said Julian Fernandez-Campon, chief technology officer at Tedial.

“The past two years have been difficult for the media industry and Tedial is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art technology that sports broadcasters can use to become more self-sufficient, so that they can evolve their own workflows without involving the vendor, enabling them to easily deliver content to different locations. This is a revolution in the sports production process, as it makes it agile and adaptative.

“SVG Europe’s 360° content platform helps Tedial to highlight these solutions and address the sports industry and provides the company with opportunities to showcase technology and projects that are relevant, through editorial coverage and videos. SVG Europe’s virtual events also provide a platform to highlight these topics and are an ideal alternative, compensating for the lack of physical events.”

Looking ahead to the challenges facing the sports industry in 2022, Fernandez-Campon highlights two key issues: “The first is maximising the amount of content that needs to be delivered, the second is the flexibility required to produce that content ensuring that operational peaks are considered in an efficient, cost-effective way. Traditional sports production workflows are difficult to evolve because all the systems within the ecosystem that produce the content are very rigid. This makes it difficult to adapt to new environments such as 4K and 8K, etc.

“The key to success now is replacing the monolithic systems, or multiple integrated applications, which have complex point-to-point integration, with a platform that integrates all the components and complexity of the workflows, using all the APIs and additional methods required, to read older systems. This brings us to a new era in media management, with a new paradigm; the media integration platform or no-code iPaaS for media. This new approach sees all the applications integrated within the platform. This means that one change in one system will only impact in the plug-in with the platform, and not in the rest of the systems that are part of the same workflow.”

This concept also applies to live events, where Tedial’s SmartLive sports production software will be updated with new features, which will be announced later in the year. SmartLive enables sports broadcasters to manage live event content. It was used by Proximus Media House (PmH) to deliver an elevated viewing experience of the UEFA Champions League last year.

Fernandez-Campon concluded: We really hope that 2022 is a better year for everyone across the industry. We will have announcements throughout the year and we’re looking forward to sharing this with the SVG Europe readership.”






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