Telecast Fiber Systems intros fiber-optic system

Telecast Fiber Systems will debut Thunder, a cost-effective, compact, and versatile fiber-optic solution for transporting broadcast signals. Intended for OB, broadcast, infrastructure, and live sound applications, Thunder requires one or two strands of fiber to transport up to 80 bi-directional channels of audio, data, and/or intercom signals, configurable in up to 10 eight-channel blocks. Rows of 16 XLR and DB9 connectors can be added to provide traditional audio, intercom, and data interfaces when those connectors are preferred. In addition, the system can be equipped with a portable “Stage Box” offering 32 analog inputs, eight analog outputs, and two intercom channels in a ruggedized enclosure.

Terrapin TR-D6 3Gb/s HD/SDI Video Transceiver and Distribution Amplifier
The Terrapin TR-D6 is a compact bidirectional throwdown device that features both a fiber-optic (ST) input and a copper (BNC) input, as well as a fiber optic output (ST) and six copper (BNC) outputs. A single push-button operation allows the user to switch between four modes, permitting the Terrapin TR-D6 to act as an HD/SDI distribution amplifier with six BNC outputs and a fiber-optic output, a fiber-optic transceiver with six BNC outputs of the received signal or the local copper signal, or as an optical repeater with a six-output BNC tap.

Cobra 2 DT
The Cobra 2 DT is a fiber-optic solution that uses simple, inexpensive fiber optic cable. The Cobra 2 DT system extends Sony’s new high-definition triax camera chains, such as the HXC-100K and HSC-300K, to enable their use over durable, lightweight tactical fiber or within an installed fiber-optic infrastructure. Using Telecast’s TelePort systems, several digital triax cameras can be muxed over a long distance onto a pair of fibers.

New Members of Thor Fiber Optic Extender Family
Telecast Fiber Systems will introduce several new members of its Thor family of fiber-optic extenders for broadcasting, government, and professional A/V applications. The Thor DE is an optical DVI extender consisting of transmitter and receiver modules that use CWDM optical multiplexing to transmit four channels of WUXGA (1920×1200) graphic signals with a 60Hz refresh rate over a single fiber. The companion Thor DE Throwdown DVI and Audio Extender drives uncompressed WUXGA (1920×1200) 60Hz DVI signals up to 2km (single-mode) or 500m (multi-mode) over a duplex LC fiber. The Thor DA Throwdown HDMI Distribution Amplifier allows one HDMI (TMDS) single-link digital video signal to be split into multiple digital displays, with a built-in amplification function that enables HDMI signal distribution without signal loss.

The Thor MR 8X8 HDMI and DVI Matrix Routers are new additions to the Thor-S KVM switcher product line, enabling customers to make cross-switches between up to eight DVI or HDMI sources (computers/servers) and eight displays located away from the main sources.

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