Telegenic to build fourth 3D truck for arts

UK: Telegenic has been talking about the Axon kit at the heart of its fleet of three, soon to be four, 3D OB trucks. The company is using Axon’s Synapse modular AV signal conversion and processing system to integrate the various production subsystems and components in its third 3D OB vehicle, which is currently being completed by Sony Professional Services. “Our third new purpose-built 3D truck is being wired and will be completed in time for its first job, Sky 3D’s coverage of the Champions League final at the end of May,” says Mike Spencer, Telegenic’s chief engineer.

Throughout each of the three Telegenic 3D OB vehicles to date, Axon Synapse modules have been integrated within the main workflow for signal distribution, synchronisation, up- and down-conversion, 3D signal processing to compensate for mirror rigs and distribution, and audio embedding and Dolby E processing.

In an Axon release, Spencer explains that within the new environment of 3D OB production, with all the new equipment and new operators that are necessary within each truck, concepts such as minimizing power consumption and the miniaturization of equipment are critical. “In this respect, one company has made a really significant contribution to developing the enabling technology that we needed to realize these trucks,” Mike Spencer commented. “Axon’s Synapse modules hold everything together in the vehicles. They are incredibly powerful, adaptable and compact cards which we have used for some time.”

It’s a relationship that looks set to extend into the future as well. “Our 3D trucks are all being used full time on 3D, and we have done over 100 live 3D OBs,” says Spencer, all of which means that another vehicle is soon going to be needed.

“Next truck after [number three] is still in the final stages of design, but it is another 3D truck, again with Axon kit. Again, it will be a full-length, expanding trailer, but aimed at arts productions not sport,” says Spencer.

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