Teleriviera rises again with coverage of football, cycling, hockey and more

The transition in Italy from analogue to digital terrestrial TV transmission, completed in July 2012, was a distinctly troubled process. For example, the Ministry of Communications initially allowed two regional TV stations based out of Massa and Carrara provinces the use of the same frequency!

Specifically, Teleriviera – which covers five provinces (La Spezia, Massa, Luca, Pisa and Livorno, and is based in Massa) – and Antenna 3, also operating out of Massa, were simultaneously granted access to Channel 21. As a result, Teleriviera had to interrupt its broadcasting without closing the station, but ended up reporting a loss in advertising of more than 80K euros.

The editor of Teleriviera, Giuseppe Annunziata, comments: “After an expensive inactivity year I now finally find myself in a position to broadcast again and we started reorganising all the programming. Our Teleriviera today continues to operate with the usual frequencies on Channel 39, and then for Massa, Carrara and Lunigiana it is [using] channel 25, carried by Tele Liguria Sud.

“We are now trying to interest a much broader target audience and take sports very seriously at all levels. For instance we are following the local football team Massese, the regional cycling races, and the hockey.

“We’ve changed the whole structure of information, experimenting [successfully] with a sort of container that we have called ‘Rubricando’ with many shots of local events and sports glued [together] without a presenter but with many graphics inserts. After re-starting, although we are still in the experimental stage, at the moment we cover six hours of original broadcasts per day repeated on a four times slot per day [basis].

“Our most watched sports program is called La Massese Nel Cuore with emphasis on the football team Massa, in the presence of guests and the style of a talk show. The TV station covers an area of ​​400 square meters divided into several areas: editorial, administrative and commercial offices, reception, shooting studio 1 of 43 sqm, Studio 2 of 120 sqm, main control room and play out, archives and warehouse.”

The editorial staff is equipped with four PCs connected to the 3G network with FTP access, and three dedicated phone lines. The ENG teams use a Sony DSR300 DVCAM, a Sony DVCAM 1000, GoPro black editions, three Panasonic AG- HPX250 P2, a Panasonic AG-HPX500 with wide-angle optics broadcast recording P2 format, a Panasonic P2 AJ- HPM200 memory card reader portable recorder, a P2 card reader and a Panasonic AJ- PCD2G. The equipment also include two Cartoni Gamma tripods, two C20 three Sachtler tripods and a Manfrotto tripod. In addition, the team has access to five Sennheiser EK 500 G2 radio microphone kits.

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