Telestream and LucidLink partner to power live ingest direct to cloud

LucidLink, a provider of cloud file storage for remote collaboration, has announced an integration partnership with Telestream. Together, Telestream Lightspeed Live Capture and LucidLink Filespaces provide real-time cloud ingest support, said to be ideal for live news and sports media productions.

As with any live workflow, capturing, editing, broadcasting content and streaming to fans as near to real-time as possible is imperative for sporting events. Integrating the two solutions allows production teams to quickly ingest live events as they happen directly to globally accessible storage.

LucidLink supports encrypted playback into any application, making files available to remote editors removing the need for complicated networking, file-acceleration technologies, or physical shared storage devices. LucidLink Filespaces can connect to at-home, on-prem, or virtualised workstations to offer instant, low-, or high-resolution edit workflows anywhere.

“LucidLink provides the unique ability to have immediate global accessibility that is superior to other remote access solutions. It is much faster and more efficient than other protocols like FTP,” said Scott Miller, director, business development, LucidLink. “The benefit of using LucidLink and Telestream is that remote editors have access to the file while it is growing. LucidLink replaces other delivery and storage solutions to offer unparalleled data access, with unlimited scalability and instant connectivity.  Users access files in a centralised data repository in the cloud; users gain instant access to a file simply by connecting to a local mount point.”

Telestream Lightspeed Live Capture provides an automated, multichannel IP and SDI capture solution for ingesting live media directly into production, post-production and broadcast workflows. LucidLink offers a new protocol that replaces CIFS, FTP, S3, Aspera and more, backed by an infinitely scalable cloud solution. When combined LucidLink Filespaces and Telestream Lightspeed Live Capture files are delivered locally and to the cloud, enabling global access to the same file, from anywhere. Files are growing in real-time from multiple cameras and are immediately available for editing during ingest.

“We are excited to be working with LucidLink because of the benefits our joint solution provides to our customers,” said Robb Cadzow, product manager, Telestream. “It goes beyond being just another path to the cloud – the solution means Lightspeed Live Capture can be in one location and growing files can be consumed in another location connected by a simple and cost effective cloud storage solution from LucidLink.”

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