Tellier to provide closing address for Football Summit

SVG Europe is delighted to announce that Francis Tellier, Founder and CEO of Host Broadcast Services Group (HBS), host broadcaster for the FIFA World Cup since 2002 among other prestigious sports events, will provide the Closing Address at SVG Europe’s inaugural Football Production Summit, scheduled to take place at the iconic Stade de France in Paris on 29 February 2012.

Tellier will look at the future of host broadcasting from HBS’ unique position in the industry, drawing on his and HBS’ vast experience from the FIFA World Cup, FIFA Confederations Cup, Ligue de Football Professionnel, America’s Cup and the Asian Games.

The demands upon a host broadcaster have changed significantly since Tellier started out in the business, with an array of services now required that are way beyond the remits of what was once considered to be traditional broadcasting. For example, for the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, over and above the 2,750 hours of feeds produced by HBS for TV and 290 infotainment features for the event, HBS produced 2,734 player vignettes, 146,500 production webpages, 64 mobile phone match feeds, 400 team specific reports in eight languages and 5,250 still images that were clipped for distribution. Additionally 6,300 text descriptions were written, and 15,000 mobile match clips were voiced in 11 languages.

With the 2014 FIFA World Cup rapidly approaching in Brazil followed by Russia in 2018, Tellier will use his Closing Address to share his vision for host broadcasting in the coming years and how he and HBS will cope with the challenges ahead.

“For the host broadcaster, there is an ever growing need to produce clips and/or additional footage for media rights licensees but at the same time to go on feeding clips for spectators within the venue,” Tellier explains. “For example, in Russia, where stadia might still resemble, in some cases, our ‘old concrete venues’, a quantum leap is taking place towards, in the coming year with ‘next next, next generation venues’ being built. International broadcasters at flagship events (and even more so spectators on a regular weekly basis) are going to be placing new demands on the host broadcaster to access replays, clips, data, infotainment etc. Therefore, host broadcasting is more and more becoming a job for specialists.”

As well as benefiting from Francis Tellier’s illuminating Closing Address, SVG Europe’s Football Production Summit will feature an Opening Address from UEFA’s head of TV Production Bernie Ross in which he provides delegates with a taste of what is to come at EURO 2012. Representatives from AC Milan, Manchester City and England’s Football League, are also among the impressive line-up of speakers taking part in the inaugural event and they will be joined by speakers from Canal +, BSkyB, PERFORM, EVS, STATS, Opta, deltatre, Wasserman Media, 3ality Technica, Cameron Pace Group and CAN Communicate in panels covering ‘Football Broadcast Technologies’, and ‘Football Club Perspectives’. ‘Next-Generation Technologies’ such as 3D, and 4k will also go under the spotlight.

Only a few places remain at the SVE Europe Football Production Summit, so interested parties are advised to register quickly to avoid disappointment and join the likes of FIFA, BSkyB, EuroMedia Group, Formula One Management, the Premier League, Sky Italia, Sky Deutschland, the Fédération Française de Tennis, CTV, Sportfive and Fox Sports as delegates at this inaugural event.

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