The Tiffen Company meets filmmaking needs with new filters

The Tiffen Company has released the IRND + GIimmer Glass single-filter diffusion and IR protection solution. The integrated filter product line offers a combination of the Tiffen IRND technology with the classic beauty-enhancing Tiffen Glimmer Glass filter, giving shooters a single-filter diffusion and IR protection solution.

“Tiffen’s proprietary ColorCore technology gives us the foundation to develop the most advanced filters on the market, meeting the needs of filmmakers today and tomorrow,” says Steve Tiffen, president and CEO, The Tiffen Company. “But more than anticipating the future needs of motion picture artists, Tiffen helps define it. Our filter technology opens creative doors, allowing filmmakers to truly make the world’s greatest images, whether they are simply filtering light in HD cameras or using them to create an atmosphere in the hyper-realism of 8K.”

IRND + GIimmer Glass Filter Feature Highlights

  • Three filters in one, reducing multiple surfaces and potential reflection from stacked filters
  • For digital cameras with CMOS & CCD sensors with heightened response to the Red channel
  • Absorbs pollution of the Far Red (visible), Near Infrared and Far Red wavelengths
  • IR absorbing component is proportionate to the ND value
  • Softens fine details while adding mild glow to highlights
  • Minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes without looking “soft-focus”
  • Provides mild-contrast reduction with modest highlight flare
  • Glass has a distinct silver “sparkle”
  • No color vignetting on wide-angle lenses
  • Ideal for lightweight or clip-on matte boxes
  • Available in ND 0.6, 0.9, and 1.2 each combined with GG 1⁄2 or GG1
  • Made from water white glass

Tiffen IRND + Glimmer Glass Availability and Pricing
The new Tiffen IRND + Glimmer Glass filter set is available on September 15, 2012 through Tiffen’s global reseller network. The Tiffen IRND + Glimmer Glass is available in 4 x 4, 4 x 5.65 and 6.6 x 6.6 sizes.

The company is now shipping the Lowel Blender 3 Light Kit. This new kit combines three color-changing Lowel Blender LED fixtures, with stands and AC adaptors, to bring further creative options and a faster way to light ‘Run and Gun’ interview setups.

“Many interviews take place in mixed light source environments, such as offices with fluorescents in the ceiling, tungsten table lamps and daylight coming in the windows,” comments Tiffen. “Until now, this has been a real challenge for the shooter to deal with quickly. But with Blender’s high powered LED output, and ability to change color with the twist of a knob, you can easily correct your lighting color to match the room.”

As a result, the classic three-light interview setup now gains the ability for each light to output tungsten color, or daylight, or any blend of the two. Choose to match a location’s ambient light color, or change each Blender’s color to create a visual contrast, increasing contrast and a sense of depth in the image.

Lighting pro’s familiar with compact LEDs have been impressed with Blender’s considerable output power, boasting a full-mix brightness of 50-foot candles at 6ft, even with its Lite Frost Diffuser installed. Blender is also efficient electrically, with each light drawing only 16 Watts of power. It can be powered by its auto-setting AC adaptor or a host of DC battery options, from camcorder battery sleds to professional 12-volt sources. The Lowel Blender 3 Light Kit comes in a lightweight soft case with adjustable Velcro partitions and room inside for accessories.

Lowel Blender 3 Light Kit Details:

  • Size: 23 x 9 x 6 (58 x 23 x 15 cm)
  • Weight: 17 lbs. (7.7 kg)
  • Three Lowel Blenders, each with auto voltage-setting AC adaptor (including 120v Edison & 240v 2 pin Euro plugs), and three accessory front diffusers to vary the character of the light output
  • Three Lowel Uni-stands, each with a full height of 7′ 11″
  • One Slim Litebag with adjustable Velcro partitions and padded shoulder strap

Tiffen has begun shipping its Listec PromptWare PW-10 teleprompters designed to support 7- and 10-inch tablets. Models include PW-10DV for DSLR and Video cameras, PW-10EB for Electronic News Gathering (ENG) cameras and PW-10MB for Matte Box.

“Leveraging the flexibility and mobility of tablets opens endless possibilities for ‘on-the-fly’ broadcasting, whether it is a consumer podcast show or national network journalist reporting from the field,” says Tiffen. “We customized the line to suit every broadcast workflow scenario backed by the engineering prowess Listec is known for.”

About the Listec PromptWare Product Line
The new Listec PromptWare lineup provides outstanding flexibility for on-the-go prompting. The new tablet-adapted Listec PromptWare PW-10 series offers an adjustable cradle clip, supporting a wide range of tablets including iPad 1, 2, the recently released iPad, and various Android 7” tablets.

A complement to the PromptWare PW series, the PromptWare Plus software application works with Apple iPod/iPhone iOS 3.2 and above, and Android 2.2 and above. Users can download the Listec PromptWare Plus software from

The Listec PromptWare Plus software feature highlights include:

  • Smooth Scrolling in landscape or portrait mode with mirrored display and automatic prompter orientation
  • Prompting Screen Display to control font type, font size, and on-screen text and background colors
  • Advanced Script Support lets users type stories directly into the PromptWare Plus software, send via email, or cut and paste text; plus, store multiple scripts
  • Bluetooth Wireless Controller adjusts the speed of the prompting script and allows forward and reverse scrolling
  • Advanced Support from PromptWare Plus offers continuous loop for multiple takes and cue markers for more advanced workflows

Lastly, The Tiffen Company has announced the availability of a special Steadicam bundle configuration: The Steadicam Pilot 2nd Unit System. The new Steadicam Pilot 2nd Unit kit configuration includes the Steadicam Pilot and Merlin2 camera stabilizing systems as well as the Merlin2’s Arm Pin Kit, sold as one complete package. The new kit offers a special discount over purchasing systems and components individually.

The Steadicam Pilot 2nd Unit System gives shooters more versatility, enabling them to do both handheld shots and a more traditional camera stabilization operation using the arm and vest. The addition of the Merlin2 Arm Pin Kit lets the Steadicam Operator utilize the arm and vest for both the Merlin2 and Pilot Sled.

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