Thomson to unveil Flextream 2.0

Thomson Video Networks will introduce Flextream 2.0 statistical multiplexing technology, which integrates ancillary services into the multiplexing pool; a new quad-channel version of the ViBE EM4000 HD encoder; and the new NetProcessor 9030/40, a multiplexer/scrambler that integrates a DVT-T2 MI reverse gateway.

Flextream 2.0
Flextream  2.0, the latest development of Thomson Video Networks’ statistical multiplexing technology, integrates ancillary services within the multiplexing pool. Flextream 2.0 frees up bandwidth provisioned for the processing of service components such as audio, teletext, subtitling, and closed captioning, allowing it to be reallocated to improve video quality. With Flextream 2.0, users of Thomson Video Networks’ ViBE encoders have the capability to activate new Flextream mechanisms to boost overall statistical multiplexing system performance and efficiency while simplifying operations through easier configuration and monitoring.

Flextream 2.0 delivers better bit rate performance and allows greater flexibility of architecture for system deployments involving hybrid statistical multiplexing for all-embracing service delivery, including multi-language audio and multichannel subtitling. Flextream 2.0 addresses most architectures; in particular, those that carry the communication within the statistical multiplexing pools on the video backbone infrastructure itself.

ViBE EM4000 Quad-Channel Multistandard HD Encoder
The new quad-channel multi-standard MPEG-2/4 version of the ViBE EM4000 MPEG broadcast encoder delivers another step up in efficiency for broadcasters seeking to deploy more HD and SD channels within existing bandwidth limits. ViBE EM4000 was developed for satellite, terrestrial, cable, and IPTV applications and has capacity for four channels within a single 1RU chassis. Using the latest generation of Thomson Video Networks’ Mustang compression technology, the ViBE EM4000 can deliver efficiency improvement of 15% or more when encoding in MPEG-4 AVC, freeing up bandwidth that allows broadcasters to run an extra channel per multiplex or transponder.

NetProcessor 9030/40 with DVB-T2 MI Reverse Gateway
The NetProcessor 9030/40 has new features for DVB-T2 broadcasting. In addition to its capabilities for multiplexing, remultiplexing, scrambling, SFN adaptation, and video processing, the new NetProcessor includes a DVB-T2 MI reverse gateway. The NetProcessor 9030/40’s new DVB-T2 features enable the ingest of a DVB-T2 MI stream from an ASI or IP input and the de-encapsulation of up to 15 physical layer pipes (PLPs) per stream. The resulting multiplexes are then available within the NetProcessor for reprocessing operations, which may include regionalization, scrambling, and remultiplexing. The multiplexes can also be re-encapsulated by the NetProcessor into a T2-MI stream.

ViBE CP6000 Contribution Platform
The ViBE CP6000 is a multiformat, high-performance platform for contribution of live video. The product features modular implementation of the MPEG-4 contribution codecs, eight HD channels per 1RU chassis, and compression performance. MPEG-4 and MPEG-2 codecs can be enabled as required with software licensing, and the high-density support simplifies infrastructure and saves energy costs.

Amethyst III IP Switcher
Thomson’s widely deployed Amethyst III Switcher now has IP inputs and outputs in addition to ASI interfaces. The new-generation Amethyst III Switcher provides switching between multiple 1+1 MPEG transport streams transported over IP networks. The Amethyst III Switcher makes it easy to secure any IP stream in a headend video compression system and ensure DTV system robustness and service availability. IP inputs and outputs can be managed through multiple GigE ports.

ViBE VS7000 Video System for OTT and Convergent TV
The ViBE VS7000 video system is an encoding/transcoding platform for Web TV, over-the-top (OTT) services, IPTV, and cable delivery. The ViBE VS7000 video system combines Thomson’s next-generation compression platform for picture quality in an all-IP environment with live broadcast-quality encoding, innovative video preprocessing, and faster-than-real-time file transcoding.

Supporting multiple major formats, including the latest MPEG DASH file standard as well as major codecs such as MPEG transport streams, Adobe Flash, Apple HTTP Live Streaming, and Microsoft Smooth Streaming, and with video resolution up to 1920×1080 in progressive and interlaced modes, the VS7000 is scalable for input channels and output profiles, with support for multiple output formats per channel.

Sapphire MPEG Broadcast Server
A unique “channel-in-a-box” solution with advanced capture, playout, and regionalization capabilities, operating frame-accurately with MPEG-2 and H.264 compressed content, Sapphire provides all the functions needed to ingest, process, brand, and generate TV channels ready for air. New features include frame-accurate clip editing enhancements, advanced logo insertion features (support for H.264, new scheduling capabilities), and BXF support. This last feature allows frame-accurate control of the Sapphire by any external automation or traffic system.

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