Time ticking to register for SVG Europe Women Virtual Motivation, Inspiration and Managing Change event

SVG Europe Women Virtual is excited to be preparing for its next wellbeing event, which will take place at 10am (UK time) on Wednesday 14 October.

Titled Motivation, Inspiration and Managing Change – How to focus on inspiring, motivating and managing change for yourself and others in the face of adversity, this session will again be presented by special guest speaker, wellbeing and resilience coach Sarah Swanton.

Staying motivated as an individual when we are still in a state of flux, living in an ever-changing time of uncertainty, is difficult. Keeping others in your team inspired is an additional challenge when our situations are constantly evolving.

In this session, Swanton is returning to SVG Europe Women to help attendees learn how to stay motivated, inspired, and to manage change in spite of today’s challenges, for yourself and for others, personally and professionally within sports broadcasting.

Heather McLean, internal head of SVG Europe Women and SVG Europe editor, commented: “Life is still far from normal for all of us here in Europe. This session comes as a response to the thoughts and concerns of our members at SVG Europe Women, who are faced with keeping themselves motivated, and also tasked with keeping their teams going.

“It’s hard to rally everyone along right now; we know this. Sarah is going to help us understand how to make this job easier. Now more than ever, we need to find inspiration, and to keep each other going.”

Attendees will be able to ask Swanton questions in a live Q&A to relate their own experiences and pick up real-life mechanisms for coping with change.

The SVG Europe Women Virtual wellbeing and resilience event will again be delivered through Zoom.

Click here to register for Motivation, Inspiration and Managing Change

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