tpc Switzerland adopts Synapse colour

Axon Digital Design has supplied tpc (technology and production center Switzerland AG) with 58 Axon Synapse GDL200 Legalizer modules to ensure legal colours throughout its entire production chain. tpc is Switzerland’s largest provider of production and post production services for broadcast media, supporting international and domestic media organisations including SRF (Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen), the Swiss national public radio and television broadcaster. tpc has chosen Axon’s Synapse GDL200 Legaliser as a means to efficiently monitor and control color correction across its operations, which include studio production, Outside Broadcast, post production and multi-media.

The solution is part of Axon’s modular Synapse product family and offers a powerful rec. 709/601 colour space adjustment for illegal colours combined with a fully featured frame synchroniser with A/V offset and colour correction. It will enable tpc to efficiently detect and eliminate illegal colours throughout its workflow.

“We have experienced illegal colours in HD signals caused by LED show lighting and this has repeatedly led us to problems in downstream signal processing. By using Axon’s legalizer early in the signal creation process, we can ensure that illegal colours are eliminated or even avoided at an early stage”, said Andreas Lattmann, CTO at tpc in Zurich.

Prior to the order, tpc performed intensive testing of GDL200 and collaborated closely with Axon’s development team to make adjustments to the solution to address its specific operational and workflow requirements.

“We used a dynamic test sequence within our Synapse 2TG100 test signal generator that could display all possible colours in the RGB colour space sequentially. By doing this, we could simulate and test lighting setups within the entire colour space that is possible within the standard,” said Peter Schut, Axon CTO & VP of R&D. “We are delighted that tpc has adopted our proven technology as standard.  It will provide a quality output and also help reduce production time and costs.”

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